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Informative speech Communications & Media Essay Paper (Essay Sample)


Descriptive Informative Speech on Dyslexia


Informative Speech
Institutional AffiliationDescriptive Informative Speech on Dyslexia
General Purpose: To describe the cause, symptoms, and treatments of dyslexia
Specific Purpose: the audience should identify the causes and signs of dyslexia. At the end of the speech, the audience should be empowered to assist people suffering from dyslexia.
Introduction: (write down the word “auto”) typically, this is how everyone sees and spells “auto,” however, to people who have dyslexia, the name might appear like “uato”, or even like “uaot.” According to research on dyslexia published in October 2019 in the New York Times, two out of three school-attending children have dyslexia (Reid, 2019). Therefore, the chances are high that you might encounter individuals who have dyslexia if you have not. I want to take some time to share with you some of the symptoms exhibited by individuals who have dyslexia, its causes, and tips on measures to observe to assist the people with dyslexia. Changeover: To assist an individual with dyslexia is to identify the symptoms they exhibit
Main Point: Symptoms of Dyslexia

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