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Communications & Media
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Interpersonal communication in the workplace. Communications & Media (Essay Sample)


uploading 2-4 pages final paper and the paper should include frequent references to the text, with about 3 other additional scholarly sources included.


Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace
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Interpersonal Communication in the Workplace
Places of work should have a smooth environment that allows for free interaction between employees. The latter can be achieved through effective interpersonal communication, which entails exchange of information in the organizations. The technique can either be verbally or verbally depending on the intended message. Therefore, the workers should be capable of communicating in a proper manner and deliver appropriate information. The valuable interaction would create a better environment for work, which would, in turn, increase the productivity of the organization. Besides, the process allows for improvement of efficiency that eliminates confusion that may occur while undertaking the activities of a firm. In places where there are improper interpersonal skills, time wastage is rampant and the productivity is reduced. Therefore, managers of organizations should strive to create better working environments within the firms through improvement interpersonal communication techniques between the employees.
Effective communication allows for the elimination of misunderstandings that may exist between persons. Therefore, the sender and the receiver of the message should understand one another and use appropriate means of interaction (Wood, 2015).

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