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Johari Window Diagram (Interpersonal Communication) (Essay Sample)


Johari Window Diagram
Using the Johari Window model, diagram your relationship with a romantic partner or close friend. What insights can you draw from this? How did information move from your Hidden quadrant to your Open quadrant, or from your Blind to Open quadrant? Now diagram one for a person you don’t know very well, can be personal or professional. What information is in your Open quadrant with your partner/friend but not in the Open quadrant with your acquaintance? What other differences are there? How does this impact your relationship? What cues do you use to determine if you want to take a relationship to a deeper level? Your paper should be a 2-3 page paper citing specific examples and providing detailed analysis incorporation reading and textbook material. If outside sources are used, proper citation of the source should be included.


Johari Window Diagram (Interpersonal Communication)
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Johari Window Diagram (Interpersonal Communication)
People relate with each other when there is trust, but building the trust can be quite challenging. The Johari Window model forms an ideal tool for people to share information in a bid to build a powerful and more trusting relationship. The Johari Window model is made up of four quadrants; the Arena, Blind spot, the Façade, and the Unknown area (Trainer, 2014).

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