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Verifying and Cross-Checking Claims Using Reputable Sources (Essay Sample)


This assignment is about verifying and cross-checking claims using reputable sources. Below
you find a list of six claims without any supporting citations. Most of them are true, but one is
a lie. Imagine these are claims you encounter when reading a forum post in the class or a
research paper. You want to fact-check them, but you need be ready with reputable sources to
back up your findings.
In other words, the goal is not just to find a source that can validate your conclusions on the
claims, but a source that people will trust. If the source is Wikipedia,, or a
mainstream news site, people might dismiss the citation even if you found correct information
The Plan:
We need to make sure the claims are supported by reputable studies before repeating them in
our research. As mentioned above, five of these claims can be supported by more than one
reputable study. One of the claims is baseless. Your task is to validate the claims using
sources that would be appropriate to cite in an academic paper (15 points each) and to identify
which claim cannot be supported and why (25 points). For each of the claims, you will
provide the following information:
1. Information on how you found information on the claim. List a website URL and/or a
library database that you used to locate the information.
2. Name the sponsor or publisher of the website or the title of the source, if you found it in a
database (in other words, name who is responsible for the site you used, a newspaper,
university, government agency, research institute, etc.).
3. Explain why this would be a reputable source to cite in a college-level research paper.
Avoid circular explanations like, "this source is trustworthy because it's in a trustworthy site."
Instead, report what indications of reliability and accuracy are obvious on the site. Keep in
mind that databases may contain a mixture of trustworthy and untrustworthy content, so just
because something is found in a database that you like does not mean it is automatically
reliable. For example, ProQuest contains a mixture of peer-reviewed articles as well as news
4. Quote the sentence/paragraph that verifies the claim. Demonstrate information literacy by
using quotation marks and an in-text citation. Provide a full reference for the source.


In all the claims, I used Google and Bing search engines to obtain data that re-directed me to the sources as outlined below. Later after obtaining the sources I conducted double check on the sources as illustrated.
1 “Egypt is a predominantly Muslim country, but Egyptian Civil Code is fashioned after the French Civil Code, with only some aspects of Islamic codes incorporated and to a much lesser extent.”
There are reliable sources such as the U.S Library congress and the New York University’s Hauser Global Law School Program website that offer in-depth information on the claim. Dr. Mohamed S. E. Abdel Wahab published the updated article on November/December 2019 under the New York University’s Hauser Global Law School Program website. In the publication, it is stated that, “The Egyptian legal system is built on the combination of Islamic (Shariah) law and Napoleonic Code, which was first introduced during Napoleon Bonaparte’s occupation of Egypt in 1798 and the subsequent education and training of Egyptian jurists in France.”
2 “Although shingles is not transmitted from person to person, the virus itself, varicella zoster, can be spread from a person with an active case of shingles to one who has never had chickenpox. The exposed person might then develop chickenpox but not shingles.”
The claim has been supported by credible sources such as and that has published medical related facts since 1998 (About, In an article written by Lori Smith, BSN, MSN and CRNP and published on November 7, 2019 on, it is clear that the claim is true and Stacy Sampson, D.O affirmed the article using medical facts. In the article titled, “Is shingles contagious, and how does a person contract it?” in the first paragraph the claim is supported. In quotes, “Shingles is a painful viral infection that can affect anyone who has had chicken pox. It is not possible to pass on shingles. However, a person who has never had chicken pox or its vaccine can get the chicken pox virus from someone with shingles, develop chicken pox, then later develop shingles.” The reason medical news today is a credible source is because it focuses on offering health information to readers in the simplest means that can be understood by all. Lastly, the site offers facts in the field of medicine and each article is reviewed by medical specialists. (About Additionally, there are a number of scholars that have also obtained their medical data from medical news today and mayo clinic (Antonyuk & et al.,2019).
Antonyuk, N., Chyrun, L., Andrunyk, V., Vasevych, A., Chyrun, S., Gozhyj, A., ... & Borzov, Y. (2019). Medical news aggregation and ranking of taking into account the user needs. CEUR Workshop Proceedings, Proceedings of the 2nd International Workshop on Informatics & Data-Driven Medicine (IDDM 2019) Lviv, Ukraine,.
3 “In 2016, most of the refugees taken in by the United States were from Syria.”
In an article that was originally published in August 16th 2016 but later updated by Phillip Connor who previously operated in Pew Research Center as a senior researcher, there is credible evidence to the claim. In the article published under Pew Research Center website states that, “the Democratic Republic of the Congo (16,370), Syria (12,587) and Burma (Myanmar) (12,347) were the top origin countries of refugees in 2016. Together, refugees from these three nations represented nearly half (49%) of all refugees admitted to the U.S. over the past year.” Notably, over the years since 2004, the Pew Research Center has actively acted in the provision of information regarding social issues, demographics trends and public opinions as a non-partisan American organization. On the other hand, other sites such as, have offered the same data.
4 “The Paris Agreement is based on the idea that each participating country can draft its own goals for responding to climate change.”
The claim has no source that show that the claim is true. However, there are a number of sources that have offered information on the contrary, which shows that the claim is a lie. From an article published in the United Nations Climate Change on Paris Agreement, it is stated that, “The Paris Agreement is a landmark in the multilateral climate change process because, for the first time, a binding agreement brings all nations into a common cause to undertake ambitious efforts to combat climate change and adapt to its effects.” From my interpretation, countries ought to work together in combating climate changes not solely.
5 “In 2018, South Sudan was ranked the #1 most fragile state in the world.”
Credible sources such as, that is powered by Fund for

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