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Discuss Challenges Of Marrying A Man With School Age Children (Essay Sample)


discuss challenges of Marrying a Man with School Age Children


Marrying a Man with School Age Children
Marrying a Man with School Age Children
Any woman with the intention of marrying a man with school-age children must consider very many factors. The first factor is her general feelings about the kids. Some women do not like children. They are either irritated or disgusted with the children especially when it is their responsibility to play the role of parenting them. Therefore, I would advise my friend to rethink and evaluate whether she enjoys the presence of children because they will form the basis of her life when they are married in the end. One vital aspect to note is that anyone especially women can experience an irreconcilable difference with kids mostly when they are not her own (Luster & Stafford, 2014).
Another advice that I can give to my friend with the intention of marrying a man with school-age children is to assess how the children feel about her. Both divorce and remarriage are always hard on children. In many cases, children still feel jealous when their father finds another life partner. Children are always of the opinion that the new mother is an intruder who played a role in damaging their family. Moreover, some children can have an idea that the coming woman is trying to replace their mother. Therefore, my friend must try to find out how the children feel about her before deciding to marry a man with school-age children (Hawkes, 2017).
Besides, I would also advise my friend to find out whether she can handle the fact that her husband will have a relationship with his ex-wife. The fact that the husband and the ex-have children are an indicator that they will in somehow relate. Their relationship...
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