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Media Effects of Cultivation Theory on African Americans (Essay Sample)


Detailed instructions are attached. I just need 5 sources about my topic, then describe them... why they are important & so on & so forth. Everything you need is attached! It gives you details on topic, & assignment!
use both please! they both are the rubrics, one is just more in depth! for this one, just find 5 sources (send them to me as well) & break each of them down... like 6-7 sentences each


Media Effects of Cultivation
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Media Effects of Cultivation
Originating from George Gerbner in the 1960s, the cultivation theory hypothesizes that repeated and lengthy exposure to media influences social reality and perceptions. For instance, people watching television risk perceiving the real world as a reflection of the messages advanced by television programs. Another aspect of the cultivation theory is that heavy media consumers develop a homogeneous perception of the world when mainstreaming and resonance occur. Today, mainstreaming is a common occurrence and Western media dominates many people or regions across the globe. Resonance occurs when media messages coincide with the lived experiences of the consumers, creating a one-sided world view. The paper is a brief report of some of the relevant research articles that inform on the media effects of cultivation in the African American community.
Article One
In this article, the author defines cultivation as a sociocultural theory where television viewership shapes the beliefs, attitudes, and values of viewers. If the world of television did portray an accurate view of the real world, then media would have a little independent impact on perceptions (Schrum, 2017). Schrum further emphasizes that the world of television is different from the real world in systemic ways. An example is that the media world is more violent than the real world. Another example of the difference between the real world and the world projected in television is that the television world overrepresents wealth, affluence, materialism, and consumption. These unrealistic world perceptions, notwithstanding the positive influences of media on society, are problematic because they create unrealistic societal expectations. Schrum’s article is vital to the current study because it provides an overview of the nature and processes of the cultivation theory.
Article Two
Prolonged exposure to media exposes individuals to information that depicts certain social groups 

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