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Communications & Media
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Petersen's Communication Pattern (Essay Sample)




Author's Note.
Communication Patterns.
Petersen described communication patterns as structures of communication ties in the work team and their assessment in terms of communication quality and a group of member satisfaction ( Chapter 1-2) where he talked about circle as a pattern of communication. “The sender or the group leader or group leader will communicate with the receivers who are the group members present next to him/her in a circle pattern. No other members of the group can receive the sender’s messages directly, but they can receive messages from other members of the group who are sharing the sender’s message.” (Chapter 3). For example there is a leader and hierarchies among the members of the party, the leader may only interact with those who are right next to him or her, such as immediate subordinates. He/she is often unable to communicate with other employees such as the lowest level of staff. Similarly, if an office assistant wants to communicate with the boss or leader about something, he or she must first send a message to their bosses, who then pass it on to the boss or leader. All members of the community can only interact with others who are either above or below them in the chain of command and then the message is sent in one direction. A downside of the circle contact pattern is that all group members are unable to communicate with the leader. They can only do it with the aid of other members of their community who are more senior than them. Lower levels of contract are used in this pattern as stated by (Palistha Maharjan, 2018). Lower level workers do not have the ability to criticize something to the upper level in this pattern. They are therefore exempt from decision making. If one person sends a message, it is forwarded to all members of the party. The message must move from one person to person to reach the intended recipient, so as the process of sending it takes a long time. The sender’s message are shared around the community and it takes time for them to reach to the sender again. The division of labor and people only being identified by their particular organizational positions can be balanced by circle communication which arises from common humanity. Both are needed to keep company afloat. Circle pattern intersects with diversity or uniqueness of a person, storytelling, coaching, guiding and mentoring through cultivating the human side regardless of position and purpose states that chain pattern of communication, communication travels up and down through the community or hierarchy. Here each person communicates with the only person who is directly above or below the given term of the relationship. (Chapter 4, p.78) This type of pattern network rigidly follow the formal chain of command in the communication. Since it follows a particular chain of command, the chain pattern of communication has some same issues as the circle pattern. It’s a one way contact device.

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