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Implementation of British Style (Essay Sample)


Trends in Asia-Pacific Media
the task was about ways of nurturing creativity in the media sector and some of the pros and cons of implementing a British creative style industry.


Trends in Asia-Pacific Media
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Trends in Asia-Pacific Media
1. What are the pros and cons of implementing a British style 'Creative Industries' policy within countries in Asia? Is this an appropriate way to nurture and sustain creativity there?
Media remains to be one of the most relevant aspects of modern society. Indeed, the role played by media within the contemporary community is crucial and must be appreciated accordingly. Over the years, various trends have been identified concerning media and its transformation within multiple regions. In such a way, specific patterns are tailored to Asia-Pacific media. An analysis of such models is crucial to provide an understanding of the sector as a whole.
Countries in Asia have over the years implemented various styles within the media industry to promote the creativity and content of such media. One of the most common strategies employed within the Asian market is the use of British styles in the creative industry. Indeed, the use of the style includes the adoption of British techniques and elements in the production process. As a result, the end product of the process is affected in various ways. The adoption of the British styles has raised controversy among the relevant stakeholders within the Asian countries (Khoo, 2019).
In essence, various benefits and cons can be identified from the employment of the British styles in the creative industries within Asian countries. The advantages must be determined to appreciate the need of foreign methods. As such, identifying the disadvantages helps to solve any issues that may affect the Asian industry as a result of using British styles.
The benefits of the adoption of the style are numerous. One of the primary benefits is the appreciation of a different culture. Indeed, the use of the British style within the Asian countries provides an avenue for presenting foreign culture to the population. Some aspects of British culture are passed on through creative media. In such a way, the community gets a better understanding of British culture.
Moreover, the creative industries help promote innovation, entrepreneurship, and exploration among the Asian nations. Indeed, the use of British styles is beneficial as it helps create a connection between the rest of the world and the Asia-pacific countries. As a result, entrepreneurship opportunities arise within the countries. Increased diversity, expression, and distinctiveness is also evident.
Double standards often arise in the utilization of specific styles in the promotion of creative industries across the region. In particular, the European nations may fail to appreciate the Asian styles in creativity accordingly. As such, this is a significant disadvantage of using British styles. The lack of social control is also evidenced 

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