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Impacts of Fake News (Essay Sample)


Effects of fake news


Impacts of Fake News
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Impacts of Fake News
Fake news is baseless, un-confirmed information presented in the form of communication. False statement is aimed at spreading hatred, making money, or demeaning a person (Mahid et al., 2019 par. 2). This paper address some of the effects of fake news in society, as elaborated by Pablo Boczkowski.
Unnecessary panic, stress, and commotion are cited as fake news results in the current information climate. Pablo explains that fake news can cause stress to the targeted individuals or groups since the truth is covered during such a report. The public interest is drawn towards fake news by utilizing print and electronic media (Wagner & Boczkowski 2019). The story, therefore, sparks anxiety and uncertainty, which escalates tension and commotion among the recipients. The news can sometimes be about a celebrity, economic matters, or politics. Boczkowski (2019) also reiterates that fake news is always delivered perfectly, considering their timings. For example, the 9/11 attacks can still be applied by fake news vendors to provoke the emotions among Muslims and Christians leading to physical or proxy wars. They are meant to catch the audience's attention by infringing one's credibility, a process known as ethos, and emotional arousal through pathos. Besides, Pablo is never optimistic about fake news.
Boczkowski is pessimistic about the future effects of fake news on Journalism. First, he reckons that there is an inconsistency in the information infrastructure. The barriers to faster information dissemination are quicker than they used to be in the past. It is, therefore, one of the processes that increase fake news pepetration. Secondly, there are 

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