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Video games and violence Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


The impact of video games on today's youths.


Influence of Video Games on Violence Among the Youth
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The Influence of Video Games on Increased Cases of Violence Among the Youth
That video games have caused untold psychological and physical harm, particularly to children, is no secret. In the name of exciting entertainment, the media portrays violence as an "okay" activity with enormous sums in profits (Adachi & Willoughby, 2017). When it regards the internet, children try to recreate the same kind of content witnessed in the readily available violent content they consume when playing video games. Bavelier and Green (2019) further say that many theorists blame the rise in violence on the internet among the so-called digital generation. Countries face a myriad of challenges with a significant number of internet users
Cyberbullying, bullying, college shootings, and violence at schools are recurring problems in countries like Germany and the United States. On the other hand, internet suicides among children have increased in Japan, while online video game players have increased consistently in China (Haghighat Panah et al., 2019). Online video game players worldwide are in the region of 230 million people, with the majority being children by a survey conducted in 2019 (Quwaider et al., 2019). Online video game players are a big problem, as noted above in China. The steady rise in those who play video games over the internet globally, particularly the youth, is a worrisome trend to internet analysts.

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