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Media Analysis (Essay Sample)


the paper simply analyzes the effects of media on some social issue affecting the society


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Media analysis
Technological advancements have characterized the current world in have played an important role in various industries. In the business industry, it helps in marketing business products so that a company reaches more customers globally, which will help it increase its market shares, thus making more profits (Wilkinson, 2016). In society, media plays an important of socializing the members of the community to some common social and cultural norms and believes, which help in regulating the behaviors of the community members. Media literacy encompasses the practice which gives people room to access, make a critical evaluation, create or manipulate the media. Therefore, media literacy is said as an education that aims at promoting awareness of the media influence and as well creates an active stance toward both consuming and creating media. The same way media helps been various advantageous in various industries; it is also associated with some negativity which has increased deviant behaviors and other health issues to the society members which needs to be addressed so that the necessary actions can be taken to reduce some of the negative impacts of media to the society. This paper will basically consider the film consuming kids: the commercializing of childhood. 2008 and make some critical analysis and evaluation so as to determine the purpose of the film or the message the author is trying to pass to the audiences.
Film Summary
The film is more focused on the explosive growth of child marketing in which children are used by various companies producing consumable goods and products to market the products so as to increase the demand for their products in the market. The film indicates how media has transformed American children into the most powerful and profitable consumer demographics in the world. There are various problems affecting the current generation of children like obesity, which has been a serious threat to many nations and which has linked to the media which instead of socializing people and educating members of the society about some of the important healthy living ways its more focused on using the children as marketers which have highly affected the society and the well-being of the children (Hudson et al., 2011). As a result of the media, many children spent most of their time over the media, and this has influenced them psychologically, and as well the media has helped in deconstructing some of the common traditional social and cultural norms and values, which helped prevent some deviant behavior.
In my own opinion, one of the strengths of this film is that it has helped in bringing to the limelight the effect of media using children as marketers of organizational products. This acts as a wake-up call to the policymakers and other concerned departments to formulate rules and regulations that restrict media or business organizations in using children as a marketer, but rather media should be more focused on activities that help improve the society and its members. One of the weaknesses of the film is that it does not propose some of the solutions to help prevent or minimize child consumption.
Consuming kids film which advocates for back against the wholesale commercialization of childhood and raising some important questions about marketing and its impact on health and well-being of kids was directed by Adriana Barbaro, and Jeremy Earp and the film was created by Media Education Foundation and this information was reached at from the internet by using various search engines like Google. The media education foundation is a non-profit organization that mostly produces and distributes films about the impact of American mass media. Mostly their films are more focused on gender, race, and representation, health, politics, among others, and aims at encouraging critical thinking and a shade a broad light about the media and its effects on viewers. The organization receives its funding from well-wishers and donors through donations as it has a well-established platform for donation, which can be done even online.
Media education foundation was founded by Sut Jhally after he received a cease and desist letter from MTV after a music video clip which he had compiled to form a video for use as a teaching tool for sexism and objectification of women in popular culture. Therefore, the organization can be said to not having any political stance but rather is focused on educating people about the influence of media.
Film techniques help in describing ways in which meaning is created in a film, and there are various filmmaking techniques that can be adapted depending on the purpose of the film. This film has used an editing sequences technique in which different shots have been put together to create a scene (Ryan et al., 2020). The film combines various aspects in which children have been used as marketers. And this technique can be said to the strength of filmmaking. The media form influences the way a film is organized and presented because it helps in editing shots from different scenes to make the document a reality. The film has used pathos as one of the persuasive appeals in which some speakers attempt to sway the audience emotionally by explaining some scenes so that the audiences can get the real meaning of the scene.
The film aims at educating the public about the negative effect of American mass media on children and how it has an influence on their health and well-being. The main audiences of this film can be said to be the policymakers or the government because they are the ones who should formulate policies and regulations to control the media.
The information from this film is very relevant because children in the current societies are experiencing ce

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