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Peace Corps Memo (Essay Sample)


The task was how to realize effective communication in professional and personal settings. This sample provides 4 reasons how to achieve communication effectively in professional and personal settings.


Peace Corps Memo
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Peace Corps Memo
Today, with improved means of travel and the globalization effect, interaction has become easier. As such, workplace communication has to be efficient to ward off the possibility of any miscommunication that may result because of language barriers. In professional settings, managers should have a proper understanding of how effective communication is developed. Through the approach, working with people from different cultures becomes easier. Below are some insights on how to realize effective communication in professional and personal settings.
Attentive Listening
Learning to attentively listen is essential in the realization of effective communication. Neglecting active listening hinders effective communication. Hearing alone is not enough; listening comprehensibly to people makes the engagement authentic and capable of airing any personal grievances or difficulties in the workplace (DuPraw & Axner, 1997). For example, in a company setting, failure by the management to pay attention to the wants and needs of employees leads to a loss by the employees to comply with delegated tasks and rules. The importance of listening is that it makes receivers understand the message of senders and decode it.
Communicating effectively depends on listening skills that foster two-way understanding between two or more individuals (Neal, 2018). For people to become more effective communicators, they need to challenge themselves to put others' needs before their own in the course of conversation and develop the habit of reading emails more than once to see to it that there is an understanding.
Avoiding Ambiguity
In the communication process, ambiguity involves sending messages that could be interpreted more than a single way. While it is not easy to have clear-cut exact responses to every relevant question resulting from hearing messages, attempts to communicate successfully must be made (Jones, 2013). In work settings, ambiguity from management is known to distort any messages that are related to delegation. On the flip side, employees' ambiguity makes it complicated for management to come up with the right workplace policies. To avoid the possibility of ambiguity, clarity should be sought through asking questions.
Establishment of Trust
Some individuals distrust everyone but themselves. The distrust is created because they are not aware of what the other party is thinking. As such, the sooner any employee or manager comes out and clarifies what they are looking to achieve, the sooner they are trusted by those around them (DuPraw & Axner, 1997). If reassuring words are used, the establishment of trust can begin. Upon sensing that a colleague is conscientious when it comes to trusting those around them, an individual should be ethical and cordial with them, hoping that consistency and professionalism finally win them over.
Disregarding Hierarchy
Paying clos

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