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Effectiveness of a Visual Media Advertisement (Essay Sample)


The task was to single out one advertising media and determine its effectiveness in media advertising.The essay therefore is about the effectiveness of magazines in advertising.


Visual Argument Analysis Essay
Effectiveness of a Visual Media Advertisement.
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Magazines as an Effective Print Media Advertising Tool
Magazine advertising is influential to people and persuasive to promote buying and influence people's behavior. Magazines appear in different colors, and their appealing visual images attract a vast dimension of readers. Presentations of magazines stand out because magazines allow color spreads and have no borders to present the news. Magazines are fascinating to their intended audience; in fact, people who read magazines found them fascinating because there is the intended audience. Different magazines put information in magazines that attract their audience (McKay, J.,2002). For example, men are interested in sports and anything to do with sports, and therefore men read sports magazines more frequently. The same applies to women in the fashion industry, and they will find a magazine like Allure and Vogue very interesting because these magazines target them.
The effectiveness of magazine advertising rests on promotion and advertising goals and the budget for advertising. Strengths and weaknesses arise in magazine advertising as well they relate to other ad media. Magazine advertising reaches the target audience and presents the message affordably, making it an effective print media. The following are the reasons that make magazine advertising to be an effective tool in visual media advertisement;
Magazines create colorful images which are long-lasting.
Unlike newspaper advertising, magazine advertising 

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