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Mindfulness and Preception. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


Consider the factors that contributed to Alberto and Kathy’s interpersonal communication behavior.
Describe the personal variables that contribute to the interpersonal communication behaviors you saw in this situation.
Imagine Alberto’s perception of Kathy’s interpersonal communication and Kathy’s perception of Alberto’s interpersonal communication.
Identify one instance in the video where there was a misperception.
Analyze the impact this misperception had on communication
Explain how mindfulness could have improved the verbal and nonverbal communication in this case. Be sure to state any assumptions you need to make.
Think about an example from your own experience where you were part of or witnessed a professional dialogue (do not disclose names).
Briefly describe the scenario, including the behaviors you observed and how those behaviors may have contributed to the outcome of the communication.
Evaluate the extent to which you think mindfulness was exercised in your example. If your example demonstrates the positive impact of mindfulness, be sure to illustrate how it benefited the outcome. If your example depicts a scenario where the parties did not employ mindfulness, explain how mindfulness might have affected the outcome of the communication and what you would suggest to the parties for future communications.


Discussion 1: Mindfulness and Perception
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Mindfulness and Perception
Several personal variables contributed to the interpersonal communication behaviors I saw in the presented case. Sex is one of the vital personal variables that influenced the communication behaviors exhibited. Kathy is not as demanding as compared to Mr. Gregowski due to sex differences. Moreover, the position is another personal variable that contributes to the interpersonal communication behaviors observed. Mr. Gregowski is highly commanding and demanding when communication with Kathy due to his potion in the organization’s management. As a result, Kathy is compelled to be withdrawn in her interpersonal communication to avoid offending his senior.

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