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Movie review Communications & Media Essay Research (Essay Sample)


the paper explains about the color purple movie


The Color Purple
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The Color Purple
The Color Purple was released in 1985, and the director of this film is Steven Spielberg. The movie begins by showing a woman who is smiling. In particular, it is about Celie (Whoopi Goldberg) who passes through different stages of life and challenges. However, she manages to overcome them all, and the woman is perceived as one of the strongest and admirable character. The Color Purple reveals various co-culture interactions that show how some communities and gender are discriminated against from the rest. The film starts by showing Celie as a child who used to run in the plantations of purple flowers accompanied by her sister, the only person that Celie loves and know that she cares about her wellbeing. This paper focuses on co-cultural interactions and barriers that exist in the film.
Nonverbal communication is a critical tool that the director of the movie incorporated to make it outstanding to viewers. The general appearance of characters, dress, body movements, posture, touch, eye contact, use of facial expressions, gestures, and paralanguage are among the significant elements used to make this film outstanding. Through general appearance, posture, and dress, the audience knows when Celie became pregnant. Through touch and eye contact, it is clear that Celie does not love her husband who she was forcefully married to Albert (Danny Glover) after she conceived (Bond, 2015). Through facial expressions and body movements, the character of Albert is revealed as a cruel, ignorant, and distant charmer who wants things to be done his way. Moreover, Albert keeps flaunting about another woman that he loves although she is nowhere to be found.

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