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Effects of Fake News. Communications & Media Essay (Essay Sample)


The assignment required STUDENTS to discuss BOCZKOWSKI's V IEW ON the effects of fake news and provide a personal opinion about the consequences of such news.


Consequences of Bogus News
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Consequences of Bogus News
Boczkowski argues that fake news triggers needless stress and unnecessary turmoil in the present informational climate, causing the public to reply in a demanding manner. Phony news producers share with the audience data that is credible based on current conditions. (Bharali & Goswami, 2017). The media deliberately employes it as a means to misinform, convey the rationale of people, and force the public to interrogate everything so that when the reality comes out, everyone considers it as the actual ‘fake news.’
However, the comedy peddles, and miserably the fake news reporters are exact. The methods there applying to report the fake news is the presentation of one's reliability is Philosophy, and the request of expressive someone condition, which is Pathos (Richardson, 2017). By reporting precisely what the world needs to hear, they are cautious when they come up with a perfect way to convey the facts at the ideal time.

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