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Interview Communications & Media Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


give a reflection of the interview carried out by focusing on my strengths and areas that I could improve by citing relevant examples from the interaction session.


In the recent past, the world has also most come to a standstill due to the Coronavirus pandemic, which has not only affected many economies but also people`s health. As an international student studying here in Australia, life has not been the same for me since the Coronavirus pandemic was reported in the country. The government has put some measures that are aimed at controlling the spread of the virus, which has personally affected my life. For instance, there is a controlled movement of people, and this implies that most of the time, since the corona outbreak, I have been staying in the house, and many job hours have been lost. This means that I no longer go to work, and as an international student, this has caused me a lot of stress because I am not able to meet my financial needs neither am I able to support my family back at home.

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