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Value of Understanding Communication Theory Paper Communications Essay (Essay Sample)


Value of Understanding Communication Theory Paper
Go to online library LIRN for your primary resource. 3. Use APA Format 4. Use only credible articles that is 3-5 years old publication. 5. Send your completed Research paper to your professor via email in Word Document file. Reference page must have at least 5 credible sources. 7. Due date will be on Day 11 for grading.


Communication Theory Paper
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Communication Theory Paper
The communication theory was the proposition of S.F Scudder, which he made in 1980. According to this theory, all living beings exist on the earth to communicate with one another, except they communicate in different ways. For instance, plants communicate their desire to be watered through yellowing or falling off of leaves. Animals, on the other hand, can make sounds or movements which communicate the need to be fed or receive medical attention. When children cry, they communicate with their parents that they are hungry or have been injured. Basically, according to the communication theory, all living entities need to communicate with others or amongst themselves for them to survive. The term communication theory refers to a body of doctrines which inform our understanding of the process of communication.
Each of the approaches provides a different way of looking at communication. Hence, the truth or otherwise of each theory can only be measured in terms of how well the theory is constructed. This is the reason behind the disagreements concerning the actual meaning of the term communication. Communication can be understood to mean different things, according to various theories that interpret the term from different angles. It is essential to understand the communication theory in all perspectives because the approach is the foundation upon which proper communication rests ADDIN EN.CITE Betteke Ruler2018367-381 (Ruler, 2018)17Betteke RulerCommunication Theory: An Underrated Pillar on Which Strategic Communication Rests367-3812018 (Ruler,2018).

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