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Advantages and disadvantages of communication in social media (Essay Sample)


For this, i do not need an introduction or conclusion. Just talk about what social media is in one small paragraph then talk about advantages of communication in social media and disadvantages in another paragpaph. If you can, give about 3 different advantages and 3 disadvantages. Use on source to describe what social media is, one source to describe all the advantages and one source for the disadvantages.


Communication in Social Media
Communication in Social Media
Social media consists of the application available in the phones and computers that are essential in the sharing of information, data and content in a fast way, effectively and in real-time (Hudson, 2014)
Advantages of Communication in Social Media
Communication is social media is easy to understand since visuals accompany it. Most of the social media platforms such as Facebook and twitter allow one to post information and photos (Allton,2019). Information with images is simple for people to understand the intended communication. Therefore, social media contribute exceptionally to the understanding of intended information.
Communication through social media reaches a vast multitude of people. Social media has platforms that most of the people in the world are members (Allton,2019). With such a command of a large population, it is beneficial to communicate through social media. A vast multitude of online users will receive the information.

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