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“Wall Of Sound” Technique Implemented By Phil Spector Media Essay (Essay Sample)


“wall of sound” technique IMPLEMENTED BY Phil sPECTOR


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Phil Spector
Producing music is a great task that many people fail to achieve. However, Phil Spector is considered a renowned music producer who crafted a unique sound and recording style. The technique that Spector developed is considered exceptional as they tended to affect the sound produced from his recordings.
Spector remains one of the most celebrated and prominent music producers in the rock music genre (Brown 32). He deployed the “wall of sound” technique that entailed the use of a distinctive sound by blending various sounds to create a single effect. Unlike other producers, Spector’s technique entailed having multiple instruments that are mixed in one single monaural track (MacLeod 17). Repetition and modulation is also a key element that Spector developed. He ensured that the music that he produced entailed a blurred standard of chord progressions.

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