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Motorways of the Sea (Essay Sample)




Motorways of the Sea
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Motorways of the Sea
The motorways of the sea refer to the form of transport that was developed in order to full the requirement of the transport policy set by the European Union. This concept was developed with the intention of building the seas as the mode of transport and improving the communication of external sides of the European continent. The conceptualization of motorways of the sea was also done to boost the interconnection between the candidate countries and the countries which were already endorsed to be part of the Unions within Europe. The future expectation of the motorway of the sea is to enhance the transport organization by phasing in the intermodal maritime-based logistics in the entire parts of Europe. This concept reflects the possibility of feature sustainability of the transport systems alongside the improved efficiency as compared when road transport is considered as the only available option (Žgaljić et al., 2019). Therefore, the use of motorways of the sea will go farther into improving the accessibility of the markets within the entire parts of Europe. This will be possible since the transport system has the capacity to expand the rail and inland waterways as part of the collective chain for transport.
The Conceptualization of Motorways of the Sea
The concept of Motorways of the sea came to existence by the year 2001 following the development white paper-Europe policy for transport which was expected to take effect up to the year 2010. It is during this time that the European Commission saw the need and suggested the building and expansion of motorways of the sea. The idea here was to open up a competitive atmosphere where there is no overreliance on the monotony of the land transport systems.
Contribution of Europe White Paper in the Development of Motorways of the Sea
The concept of white spelled out the fact that the motorways of the sea should be treated as the component of the transport networks within Europe, the transport-European network (TENT-T). The white paper was also meant to focus on the advocacy which will assist in availing funds to facilitate the development of the programs.
The establishment of the White Paper in the year 2011 which focused on the roadmap for one European transport system made a greater contribution towards the progress of Motorway of the sea Project. The paper, therefore, put more emphasis on the essence of promoting the development of Motorways of the Sea. The regulation set in the year 2013 that acted as TENT_T guidelines, defined by Regulation (EU) No 1315/2013) provided a farther definition of the dimensions of the Motorways of the Sea in terms of the Maritimes dimensions of the trans-European network indicating the transport system. This was an important idea in promoting the achievement of a European maritime space without any form of limitations. Some of the achievement that was set to be met by the establishment of the white paper includes the following;
* Enhancing the interconnection between the Maritime sport that shows the detailed network or the relationship between different networks and other parties, a third party where the connections are regarded as essential in the promotion of the development of Motorways of the Sea projects.
* The White Paper was aiming at boosting the services offered at the Port facilities. The services targeted for improvement include the freight terminals, the nature of logistics platforms including the freight villages which are situated in the outskirt of the port areas and related to the activities taking place within the port, the information communication technology (ICT) being used within the project that include the electronic devices used in accomplishing the management tasks and security aspects of the areas covered by the project.
* While paper facilitated the construction of infrastructure which was important in ensuring direct access of the land from the Sea. The paper provided the definition of the concepts which are essential in improving the performance of the project related to the Motorway of the Sea. It also determines the criteria that make the project to be eligible for the funding drive for the promotion of innovation and networks executive agency (INEA). The paper, therefore, provided the procedure for handling the technical issues that were to go a long way into implementing the financial programs.
The Set Routes for Motorways of the Sea
The selection of the routes is based on its ability to retain the quality of the transport systems and criteria. To achieve this, the concept set to modify the frequency of the transport systems, reduce the port costs, and the administration systems simpler as compared to when land transport is used. In the future, motorways for the sea are looking forward to providing compensation due to delay in the transport systems. To avoid the expenses in catering for delayed transport, the motorways of the sea agency are planning to us simpler networks like that of the road transport systems (Žgaljić et al., 2019). It will also minimize the use of energy, enhance saving culture, and promote the healthy environment within Europe through the minimization of pollution.
Reasons for Establishment of Sea Motorways Project
The motorways of the sea were started in order to fulfill the following objects;
* To enhance the cohesion within the transport system
* To minimize the level of congestion within the roads by applying the use of a modal shift.
* To lower the cost of sea-based logistical routes coupled with a minimized concentration within the transport systems.
Regulations That Govern the Operation of Motorways of the Sea
To ensure that motorways of the sea meet the set objectives, different legal frameworks must be taken into consideration. The concept is operating within the provision of Article 12a of the TEN-T which was enacted by the council’s decision and the contribution by the European parliament. The section of the law guarantees to fund the transport systems for its smooth operation. On the same note, the existence of article 13 of the legislation spells out the features of Motorways of the Sea to ensure that they are retained throughout the processes (Žgaljić et al., 2019).
Scope of Motorways of the Sea
The Motorways of the Sea covers different geographical areas. First, there is one that starts at the Baltic Sea and connects the Baltic Sea and the Northern Sea of the Baltic Sea Canal. The second one starts in the northwest of Europe by running from Portugal and then to Spain through the Atlantic Arc to the Northern part of the Sea and includes different regions of the Irish Sea. The third parts commence in the South-east part of Europe, where the Atlantic Sea is covered to the Ionian part of the Sea and goes to the eastern parts of the Mediterranean Sea and encompasses some parts of Cyprus. The final part begins from the Sea of South-West Europe that majorly covers the western side of the Mediterranean Sea, goes farther and linking Spain, France, Italy, and encompasses some parts of Malta. The same branch is connecting Malta with some parts of Eastern sides of Europe and extends to cover the regions in the Black Sea. The important areas which are covered by Motorways of the Sea can be clearly seen in the EC map. It is also clear that all these areas are designated for beginning the project by the year 2012 (Žgaljić et al., 2019).
The use of Map to Show Motorways of the Sea
By the year 2001, the availability of White Paper contributes towards the incorporation of European coordination for the development of Motorways which was helping in ensuring there is communication between the members, the state membership dialogue. The exchange of information among the member states was driven to examine the success in the progress of the program as indicated in the TEN-T priority project thereby assisting in providing the possible and implementable measures to ensure the sound development of the project in the future (Papadimitriou et al., 2018). The coordination between the member states would be backed by yearly reports to show the milestones that have been achieved within the designated time to show how Motorways of the sea project thrives.
The map also takes into consideration the five Task forces which were created in the year 2006. As per the map, the task forces covered the Baltic Sea, the Northern parts of the Sea, the Atlantic Sea, and the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea. The reason behind the extension of the motorways of the Sea in such regions is to aid in the implementation of the MoS project through continuous provision of a well-organized relationship between the member states (Juan, & Olmos, 2019). This will help in examining and identify the success of the joint project proposals together with the initiation of the projects that will support the activities which are relevant within their respective areas.
The map also describes how the task forces have immensely contributed to the production of Master Plans for the Motorways of the Sea. The Master Plan would be essential in providing the criteria for detecting the aspects of Motorways of the sea project. The identification of the Motorways of the Sea project involves calling for the proposed plans and the continuous developments related to the Sea transport sector.
The Implementation Plan of Motorways of the Sea
The detailed implementation plan for Motorways of the Sea plan was availed in the year 2018 to project the possibility for the success of the project (L&oa...

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