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Social Media and Consumer Behavior: Annotated Bibliography and Article (Essay Sample)


It was an annotated bibliography on 5 sources that discussed the impact of social media on consumer BEHAVIOR. also i wrote an article ANALYZING the sources


Social Media and Consumer Behavior: Annotated Bibliography and Article
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Annotated Bibliography
Al-Zyoud, M. F. Does social media marketing enhance impulse purchasing among female customers case study of Jordanian female shoppers.
Mohammad Al-Zyoud studied in his paper the effect of social media platforms on influencing the impulsive purchasing behavior of Jordanian females. The researcher conducted the study using a quantitative approach on a sample of 400 females in Jordan using a survey. There were several factors that were included in studying the influence of social media on Jordanian Females purchasing behavior, such as the hedonic motivation, website quality, trust, situational variable, and variety seeking behavior of Jordanian shoppers. Al-Zyoud concluded that social media has a positive impact on the purchasing behavior of Jordanian Females. All factors showed positive effect on consumer behavior. The most significant factor that was triggered by social media was the variety seeking factor, which implies that social media presents a wide range of options and brands for the consumer that are usually more than that found in traditional shops. Also, the most important feature of social media that drove consumer behavior was the availability of feedback, comments, and ratings on the platforms. Finally, the authors recommended that online shops should engage customers through socializing to increase sales.

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