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Why is Instagram so Popular (Essay Sample)

An essay about why Instagram is so popular source..
Why is Instagram so popular? Why is Instagram so popular? Kevin Systrom and Mike Krieger created Instagram in October 2010. The application was limited to iOS software during its inception. Instagram allows users to upload videos and photos that can be tagged and give a geographical location. The shared media can get likes from the user's audience with them having an option of tagging the content to their timelines. Facebook bought the application in April 2012 for a price of 1 billion dollars paid in cash and some in shares. Before its release, Instagram only allowed photos with a 1:1 aspect ratio. However, after 2015, the restrictions were lifted, and users could add more than one photo on a single post. Since its inception in 2010, Instagram gained popularity with users reaching 1 million within the first two months of service. The application is now considered one of the most popular social media platform. Instagram is preferred by many primarily because of its ability to build a brand. The app engages users in networking with their consumers on a diversified platform. Facebook is having an issue maintaining its algorithms in the plight of getting organic reach. It makes Instagram a more viable social media platform to build relationships, as it is easier to connect with consumers. Baker (2018) asserts that Instagram also integrated algorithms with a primal aim of establishing a viable relationship between brand makers and users. Also, the application has created platforms that enable other social media handles to interact with users. Consequently, Instagram is known to be compatible with mobile phones. With the increasing usage of smartphone devices on the globe, Instagram users are using this opportunity to engage their content with their followers. It is evident that some of the users prefer to use their mobile devices as compared to the likelihood of using desktop computers. Cole (2018) acknowledges that Instagram further developed an application modified for the mobile handset. Furthermore, the creators of the application ensured the desktop version had limited features prompting users to log in using their smartphones. Moreover, Instagram was a pioneer image application to be created. Users found it convenient to use the platform to publish their content. On the other hand, people prefer to interpret visual information to written words. Images are critical to one's success in posting content. They have incorporated an editing application that enables users to crop their images. Also, the app has provided themes for their users to use in their profiles. The creation of the application made it possible for users to share images with their audiences. Top account users prefer to use third-party editing apps to improve the quality of their pictures. Instagram is considered to be user-friendly for most users. They have a straightforward interface where the users easily navigate through the application. Also, the appli...
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