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TV show analysis. Communications & Media Assignment (Essay Sample)


the task was about analyzing an episode of the reality TV show "coupled"


Analysis of episode six of season one’s TV show Coupled
Processing errors and types of love
Analysis of episode six of season one’s TV show Coupled
Reality shows inhibit many errors that we often make while falling in love. This response paper analyzes some of the progressing errors present in episode six of season one in the famous television reality show called Coupled. In Coupled, a man meets several women and have a small chat with them, then finally chose the person he feels would make a good wife for him (Coupled, 2016). Several concepts about love are evident in the episode. They include stereotyping, selective perception, and primacy effect.
Stereotyping in love involves judging a person basing on their physical qualities. In the episode, a stereotype is evident throughout the video. Javier, the man searching for a wife, is tall and has a well-built body. The first lady (Alex) that Javier meets falls in love with his physical appearance. 

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