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Corruption as a Major Problem in the Society (Essay Sample)


What do you consider to be the Most Pressing Societal Problem we face today? Why?


Corruption as a Major Problem in the Society
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Corruption as a Major Problem in the Society
The modern day society faces numerous predicaments such as racism, corruption, climatic changes, and poverty. However, corruption is the most pressing issue that the society faces today. According to a study executed by Donchev & Ujhelyi (2014), the vice has a substantial impact on the economic and political status of any given state across the globe. Fraud touches on bribery, the imposition of regulations to favor particular groups of individuals, imbalanced allocation of resources and the embezzlement of government funds (Rose-Ackerman & Palifka, 2016). Therefore, this article is a presentation of corruption as the most critical societal predicament today, the justifications and appropriate remedies to deal with the issue.
Shrivastava & Bhattacherjee (2014), purport that fraud takes place at both the micro and macro levels of the society. From a simple action of misusing their power to harass and claim bribes from citizens, law enforcement officers are frequent victims of promoting corruption at the micro level. On the other hand, the government commits the macro level fraud by engaging in fraudulent activities such as the imbalanced allocation of resources, misuse of public funds and enactment of regulations to favor certain individuals. In collaboration, Donchev & Ujhelyi (2014) reveal that corruption is political as well as an economic phenomenon that distorts the social-cultural settings of the society such as economic efficiency, governmental proficiency, and financial wealth. Thus, it is beyond reasonable doubts that corruption is a real societal problem that needs attention.
To sum up, the government should consider remunerating its servants properly and creating openness as well as transparency in its dealings. Reasonable salaries and incentives motivate employees such as the police to ensure efficiency in t...
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