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Discuss How Online Writing Has Impacted Kenyans (Essay Sample)


Discuss how online writing has impacted kenyans


Impacts of Writing on Kenyans
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Impacts of Writing on Kenyans
Kenya, a third world country in Eastern Africa is one of the nations with high unemployment rates, especially for the youths. Despite the high literacy level in the country, vast of her population remains unemployed owing to a combination of issues ranging from economic recession to mismatches between expertise demanded by the employer and the skills the workforce has. The unemployment rates have not spared university graduates in the country as evidently depicted by the high number of graduates dominating the informal sectors. However, with the increase in the number of people who can access the internet, graduates have discovered a niche in the writing industry, which has truly transformed their life. Accordingly, the essay discusses how writing has impacted Kenyans in various perspectives.
Writing has offered Kenyan graduates a new world of gigs from, which they earn a sustainable income. Currently, the writing industry is bread and butter to over fifty thousand individuals in the country. Some of the opportunities Kenyans have been in a position to optimize on include academic writing, article writing, product reviews writing as well as editing services. The majority of writers focuses on academic writing as opposed to other alternatives owing to factors such consistency of job availability and the handsome pay associated with this kind of services (Kangethe, 2017). Nevertheless, some individuals prefer article writing since it is less involving and easier to learn as compared to academic writing, which requires a deep mastery of formatting and research skills.
The importance of the writing industry in the country is evident especially with the measures that the government of the land has adopted to ensure that graduates are in a position to land online writing jobs. Last year, the government launched the Ajira forum with an objective of imparting skills that will make the unemployed youths employable by various writing legitimate sites. This implicates that the government has realized the capacity of the writing industry to transform the lives of jobless youths. The move of the government was informed by the success of a significant number of youths who ventured into the industry after graduating. Statistics show that individuals who have successfully navigated through the Ajira program earn approximately $800 per month depending on the company (Kangethe, 2017).Those working for reputable companies such as Uvocorp and Writerbay are the highest earners, with their monthly salary ranging from 1500$ to 2000$ (Kangethe, 2017).
Despite the positive impacts the writing sector has brought into the country, there are some negative issues that need to be addressed as well. First, graduates, especially in the technical fields such as Engineering, Medicine, Architecture, and Law, are quitting their professions to venture into writing owing to high wages in the industry (Kiarie, 2017). It is obvious that this act has detrimental impacts on the country. Precisely it has resulted in a shortage of qualified personnel to propel the nation forward in the technical sectors. For instance, the country is presently facing a shortage of two thousand exper...
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