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Cyber security Creative Writing Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


writing a project on different cyber attacks


Cyber Security
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Cyber Security
Cyber-attacks are not just in movies as copious of individuals think, they are the veracity of our world. They are simply defined as motivated attacks carried out primarily through the internet subjected to target the general public, cooperate and national organizations. According to presumptions from the information technology departments across the globe, the cost of cyber-attracts is estimated at $ 200 billion to about $ two trillion annually. The lump-sum has repeatedly incurred due to the increased numbers of computers in the last few years. As most of the transactions and important information are in computers, cybersecurity is now the biggest necessity since our lives revolve around computers (2015).
Young people are unsurprisingly connected by social media platforms posting information about their lives and furthermore, business online transactions by companies have increased the percentages of cyber-attacks. The increasing sophistication of cybersecurity attacks in the world including beleaguered data theft, phishing scams, and other online vulnerabilities demand that people should always remain more vigilant about securing their systems and information. This for no doubt sets the question of what extent will and has the government developed their cybersecurity departments and should the governments be concerned about all issues on cyber-security.
JP and Morgan chase & Co target of the giant hacking conglomerate
For the last few years, five of the worst cases of cyber-crime in the world have been reported to the justice team and expectedly led to massive losses to the affected groups. One of the cases was back in 2015, it was the JP and Morgan chase & Co target of the giant hacking conglomerateincident, the crime involved three intellectual men who hacked millions of people’s data selling it to some networking companies and receiving millions of US dollars in an unlawful way simplifying it to gaining false profits. According to the federal government of criminal investigation in America, the three men were no longer hacking simply for a quick payout, but hacking to support a diversified criminal conglomerate that for no doubt was a serious threat to the Country. According to the executives governing JPMorgan, Operating abroad the hackers gained access to the names, addresses, phone numbers and emails of JPMorgan account holders. It was done by making use of a computer server-based in Egypt (2014).

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