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The Purpose of Human Existence Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


The task is ABOUT a creative essay on the value of human EXISTENCE.


The Purpose of Human Existence
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The Purpose of Human Existence
In decades, debates have existed among the groups of intellectual humanity concerning human existence value. The notion of human existence is very multifaceted since it has diverse viewpoints. The human existence theme is also linked to other issues, for instance, life after death, personal identity, free will, and being. So, the viewpoint that one chooses to employ defines his or her indulgent of this topic. Jean-Paul Sartre, a philosopher, provided a discourse to help people get the know-how of the value of human life (Jones, 2009). There are many different views regarding the existence of human; however, the core purpose for human existence is simply happiness.
Socrates, Plato, and Aristotle value in comprehending the fundamentals of psychology would be life, existence, ideas, purpose, meaning, knowledge, logic, and morals. Every one of the philosophers listed focuses on survival and experience as well. According to O’Sullivan (2017), Socrates expressed the fact that the overall idea of life is needed, and human activity, which resulted in different techniques for everyday life. Without a whole concept of life, there would be more confusion and less organization due to the lack of knowledge and or experience when trying to find an overall view. Each human is different, but all people exist in different grounds such as actions, social activity, and decisions.

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