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People who Make Good Government Officials Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


The task was on writing a 2-page essay on the topic mentioned above.


People who Make Good Government Officials
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People who Make Good Government Officials
Government officials have a duty of exercising authority on behalf of the citizens while upholding justice and equity in service provision. The government officials enforce the rule of law in public offices as a way of ensuring the government executes its mandate in line with the citizens' expectations. They may hold government offices through appointment, selection, nomination, or election depending on the laws that regulate the officeholder. Good government officials in their duties of public administration have to act under the laws governing the conduct of officials in the government office. The officials as the link between the government and the citizens need to possess particular characteristics.
People who make government officials demonstrate integrity. Government officials need to exhibit honesty in their transactions while acting on behalf of the government. Moral principles and honesty guide people who make good government officials in many states. According to Christina & Fort (2017), trust is an imperative aspect of enhancing integrity in an individual. Responsible government officials display consistency in their expectations and during their relationships with others by engaging in activities that coherent with their work ethics. Since government officials work in collaboration with different stakeholders, integrity plays a crucial role in improving service delivery. Good government officials also ensure they sustain the focus on building trust and honesty in their teams in realizing positive results.

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