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Describe Criminology In Social Life Citing Our References From Criminal Journal (Essay Sample)


describe criminology in social life citing our references from criminal journal


Criminology Assignment
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In 1969, there was the prominence of social control theory that was asserted by a sociologist – Travis Hirschi - who was trying to find the different commencements of crime. The theory shows that in human nature, desires are easily achieved in quick ways through crime and delinquency (Wiatrowski, Griswold & Roberts, 1981). This suggested that occurrence of crime is seen in most cases where there are weak bonds in families, schools, and in other aspects of life in the society at large. These societal bonds can either be connected to attachment to beings, a belief system, social behaviors or a sincere obligation to follow rules (Wiatrowski, Griswold & Roberts, 1981).
I’ll consider a case study of a schoolboy who according to the Daily Mail article (2013) was involved in an offense just a day after he turned 10 years. Nathaniel was put to jail on 20 November 2013 at age 15 for having being involved in an armed robbery. He robbed a staff Ј150 in Southampton who was attending a corner shop after threatening her with a knife. He was sentenced to three and a half years by the judge considering his terrible record of nine convictions of the 22 offenses.
His family in defense said that upbringing was tough that he didn’t know the name of his father. Growing up without a father, he was brought up by his 71-year-old great-grandmother. This possibly could have contributed to him being led astray by the ringleader Sid Pumford. Showing no sincerity in following rules, Nathaniel would constantly run away from the foster home that he was sent to and went to stay with his grandmother. Despite the great relationship they had, Nathaniel did not have the chance to having someone as his role model. It would not be hard for him as it was if he had a father fig...
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