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Writing About Group Work And Competences Of Members (Essay Sample)


Access the attitude of group work and competences of members


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Group work is important in increasing the academic work of an individual through knowledge development. Students enhance the communication skills when interacting with other students in the group (Brandler & Roman 2015). Sharing of ideas is vital in achieving set academic goals through the improved ability to solve problems in assignments.
Group work attitude assessment
The formal assessment tasks in class are required to be handled in groups for increased acquisition and retention of knowledge. Group sizes are essential in coming up with a proper attitude for a team that will positively influence the performance of the business. The approach of the individual is required to be positive in ensuring that a group achieves set academic goals. When coming up with a proper group, I access the attitude of individual towards academic success. The people that are active towards increasing their academic performance are the most suitable individual for a successful group. The small groups are more efficient due to the ability to control and share ideas regarding various topics assigned by the lecturer. Tuckman and Jensen’s theory is vital for a proper team development that will achieve set academic goals. The theory provides the need of evaluating the attitude of group members towards an increased performance of the group. The group is required to be dynamic to focus on further research that will increase the grades of students. Tuckman and Jensen’s team building theory provides the stages of group development which are essential in understanding the attitude of individuals. Proper analysis of stages provides individuals with the required knowledge to comprehend other individuals in the group. According to Businessballs (2017), the steps of group development are forming, storming, norming, performing and adjourning which are used to access the attitude of group members.
The Tuckman and Jensen’s team building theory requires individuals to focus on increasing the performance of the group through increased understanding of attributes of group members. Students are required to enter into group for improved academic performance through sharing of knowledge and ideas related to the formal assignments. The forming stage is where individuals search for information independently to contribute to the effectiveness of the group. Group leaders are required to access the information from different members in this stage for a sustainable performance of the group. According to Johnston, Clark and Shulver (2012) it is important to have proper set goals when coming up with a group in ensuring that there are proper guidelines for quality work. Storming stage is where some individual have a greater understanding requiring the leaders to have improved skills and knowledge to deal with the members. At this stage there are increased group conflicts due to resilient from various group members leading to the development of the group policies. The norming stage leads to increased responsibility to members thus work towards the achievement of set production goals. The group policies are followed in controlling the activities of a group for increased collaboration amongst the members. Performing stage of a group is the achievement of set academic goals by handling the complex problems in the assignment. The quality of work is improved through the use of group work in handling tasks assigned by the lecturer. The last stage of adjourning is the act of dissolving the group after a successful completion of formal assignments. Group members are pleased with the attitude of the group after successfully completing the tasks.
Evaluation of capabilities and competencies in a group
The capabilities and competence of group members are essential in achieving the set academic goals. In coming up with a proper group, one is required to evaluate the ability of individuals towards contributing to increased academic performance. I usually consider the academic performance of individuals and their will to acquire knowledge when developing a group. The analysis of individuals is essential in coming up with individuals that will assist the group in a successful completion of assignments. The collaboration level is required to be high for a steady performance of the group through an acquisition of new methods and ideas. The group members are required to perform individual research that will increase the performance of the group when shared. The various researches are used in coming up with a useful technique to solve academic problems. According to Henry and Stevens (1999), the Belbin's leadership role is essential in improving the performance of a group where the leader is required to have proper skills and knowledge to manage other members in the group. The studies performed indicated that a group with one leader performed better than groups with many leaders or no leader. This required a proper evaluation of roles of members in ensuring that there is improved performance of the group through teamwork. It is crucial to handle issues on a team for a sustainable performance in academics. The set academic groups with proper leaders make it possible for an individual to acquire and retain academic knowledge for the achievement of established educational goals.
The group members are required to understand capabilities and competencies of members for quality academic work through the implementation of a proper process in problem-solving. There are nine different Belbin's group roles which are resource investigators, team worker, coordinators, plant, monitor evaluator, specialist, sharper, implementer and completer finisher (Belbin Associates, 2017). Resource investigators are enthusiastic in managing the materials and equipment used for achievement of set goals. The coordinators supervise to offer a proper direction to the group through the development of an appropriate plan to achieve set objectives. Plants are the creative individuals that provide the realistic methods to increase the performance of the group. Monitor evaluators are critical and sensible to carefully analyze the performance of the group to identify need for change. Sharper are individuals that can deal with conflicts in the group to remain focus on achievement of academic progress in the group. Implementers are task oriented with their skills and knowledge focused on completing the assignments efficiently for increased performance (Management Centre, 2017). Completer finisher control the operation of the group to identify the barriers involved in academic progress. Team workers collaborate with other individuals through sharing for increased techniques to handle problems. Lastly the specialists have improved knowledge to deal with complex issues for successful completion of the formal assignment. The competencies and capabilities are used to identify the proper team role an individual is required to play for increased academic performance from group work.
Suggestions for group effectiveness
In coming up with an active group it is essential to identify the aim of the group and develop plans towards the achievement of objectives. One the individuals in the group are required to have a common focus towards completion of a formal assignment set by the lecturer. According to Cohen and Lotan (2014), the members should be from the same class in ensuring that there is improved understanding of the needs of the assignment for a steady flow of group work. The individuals are required to contribute towards the completion of the assignment for increased effectiveness of the group. Group members from the same class have an improved understanding of what is expected by the lecturer in a particular task. Two is the development of a group considering the intellectual understanding of individuals. The group members are required to have an increased ability to perform different assignments in class for a constant performance of the group (Brandler & Roman 2015). The skills and knowledge of an individual are used in identifying the ability to contribute to gr...
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