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Description of Organizations on Earth to Proxy from Proxima B (Essay Sample)


the paper was about creative writing. the topic was about explaining to an alien on another planet, proxima b, about how organizations on earth are structured.


Description of Organizations on Earth to Proxy from Proxima B
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Description of Organizations on Earth to Proxy from Proxima B
On Earth, organizations are found at the government level, not-for-profit, and general businesses. Families may also be considered a form of social organization. In each organization, there is some form of hierarchy and rules that guide how members of the organization behave. There is a licensing board at the national or state level to set rules of practice for professionals. There are also rules of marriage or divorce. Litigation has become our way of life. At the organizational level, there are committees and board to check those who are too powerful to be controlled by standard rules, such as senior executives in what we call internal control. Most organizations have to work efficiently to beat competition. They need to form strategies to survive in an environment characterized by intense rivalry. Proxy, this paper provides you with a brief picture of how organizations behave on Earth.
Proxy, the first patterns or forms of organization that you will notice when you land on earth are regional or continental. There is a popular culture spreading to all other regions across the world. It is known as Westernization of cultures with reference to the location in Europe and North America, where the popular culture emanates, on the western hemisphere of our planet. There are also national and language or tribal cultures.
The larger organizations on the planet Earth are regional or global. There are different types of organizations, such as nation or country, family, not-for profit, interest groups, proprietorship, partnerships, company, and multinational corporations (MNCs). Most of them refer to business organizations. Most of them have similar behavior, such as responding to competition and having clearly defined policies and code of conduct for members. Even governments seek to outshine each other.
First, let us look at a nation and family, though our focus will be on business organizations. The family is the smallest level of organization on earth. In popular culture, a family consists of a male figure, known as the father, and a female figure, known as the mother. The two members of a family usually reproduce to have children. A father, mother, and their children are what constitute a standard family. Traditionally, the father is the head of the family. Together with the wife, they make rules of acceptable behavior in the family.
The government is how a nation is organized. Hierarchy is what defines positions of leadership in a government. They are usually different levels of government. For instance, in the United States, we have the federal government, as the highest level of government. It is followed by other governments at the state and local levels. Each level of government has different departments aligned with different functions that they must provide. National security is usually the primary function of a government. Not only are governments expected to be as efficient as businesses, but also more inclusive in the services they provide to the public.
Our main focus will be businesses. Here on Earth, when you hear of organizations, people are most likely referring to businesses or not-for-profit organizations. To start with, organizations are expected to have a vision and a mission. A vision reminds stakeholders where the organization intends to be in the far future while a mission explains how or what it will do to get there. A properly managed organization is expected to have a strategy. A strategy explains how the organization will meet its objectives, such as how to lower costs. On Earth, competition defines every market and business environment. To access more capital or finance, the original owners of a business divide its value into shares, which are sold in stock markets. Competition is also dependent on the size of capital.
In addition, an organization is expected to have a pool of talent. These are employees who are most valued because they are the backbone of success. A backbone is a line of bones along the back of a human body that is vital for performing most functions. Proxy, I am not sure if you have one. Anyway, the spine explains how important a specific group of employees is to the organization. A properly managed organization knows that not all employees are important, but there are those who are difficult to replace that matter the most.
Similar to governments, business and not-for-profit organizations are organized in a formal hierarchical structure. Based on levels of hierarchy, organizational structure is considered flat (horizontal) or vertical structure. The type depends on the number of supervisors and managers one is likely to pass through, if you are a subordinate, before you reach the executives. We study it in school as organization structure. From a different perspective, the structure can also be divisional, functional, or matrix. The divisional is used when the company is large and it can work in different countries or regions, as small separate companies known as subsidiaries. Functional structure is used when different departments perform specific functions. In the functional structure, we can have the chief executive officer (CEO) or president, as the highest rank. Below her, we can have a vice president, serving the department of finance and another vice president, serving human resources. There will be other departments with leaders of lower ranks, such as manager for sales and marketing in addition to another manager for product development. Below them, there will be middle-level managers popularly known as supervisors. Governments and most businesses follow this structure. A flat organization structure is becoming popular due to the advantage they create in decision-making. In flat structures, information flows faster from the top management to the bottom of the structure.
Organizational behavior is a topic that has gained popularity since we experienced the global financial crisis in 2008. During the period, we saw large organizations being threatened with bankruptcy. When the issue is studied, it turns out that risky behavior as well as unethical behavior by executives was the main reason for failure of the large organizations. As a result, business ethics has become a resounding issue in most studies of management in recent years. It is not a new topic of our generation, but has become more relevant. Internal control is very important today than it was two decades ago. It means setting procedures that guarantee good behavior for all employees, including executives, who once appeared above the rules.
Organizations like to speak in terms of organization culture. While the meaning may vary depending on the speaker, organizational culture is a set of norms or behaviors that are repeated all the time in the organization and they constitute both written and unwritten norms. For instance, it i...
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