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Describe Why Music Is Important To Most People (Essay Sample)


I was required to write why Music is important to most people .


The Importance of Music
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The Importance of Music
Music remains one of the intriguing aspects of human life. People listen to music every day regardless of their background or locale. Consequently, this raises the question of what is so fascinating about music that makes people pursue this activity on all corners of the planet. Music is important to a majority of people globally for several reasons.
It is a simple way of relaxing and relieving stress. People often listen to music when they feel stressed. In such cases, it elicits positive emotions and elevates their mood. On many occasions, it offers some form of escape from daily stresses of a normal life. Therefore, this gives people the opportunity to experience something more appealing to the mind and soul. In some way, music has therapeutic value, which many people tap into to relieve stress and alleviate negative mood.
Many people also consider music important because it helps in producing pleasure. It particularly helps in cheering people up in case they feel bored. Its capacity to produce pleasure in most people also makes it appropriate for those who seek to alleviate boredom. It also captures shared experiences some of which people use to redefine their lives. Most people also consider music important because it helps them understand their feelings and emotions, especially in times of sorrow. In addition, people value m...
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