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Describing How You Contributed To A Positive Social Change In The Society (Essay Sample)


describing how you contributed to a positive social change in the society


Describing How You Contributed
Social change in a broader perspective refers to how the activities of organizations and people affect the surrounding of a community. Social change can be positive or negative and can be realized in many aspects of life. A positive social impact thus means making the world a favorable place for other people. Social change may be realized by individuals, organizations, states or even communities. This discussion focuses on how one contributes to advancing positive social change in making a positive impact on the society, influencing other people’s lives and bringing a positive social impact in mentoring a colleague.
Making donations to organizations that an individual supports is one of the mechanisms of advancing a positive social change in the community (Battilana and Lee,2014). There exists a substantial number of charitable organizations that seek donations for the purpose of impacting a positive social change and hence an individual would take such an opportunity to instill the much-needed change. By making donations, one helps the less privileged and hence ends up changing their social lives. For instance, street children may no longer ask for money or eat from the bins after receiving help from these donations.
Volunteering one’s time and spending quality time with members of the community will advance a positive social change (Garbarino, 2017). For example, the old need to be cared for and loved. If one decides to take dishes of food to the old, it will create positive change in curbing hunger in that community.
Sometimes one needs to get involved in the community politics to achieve a positive social change. As a government official either in the state government or county, many policies and regulations can be put in place to impact social change in the day to day activities of residents of a given community.
Moreover, in the business sector, one can support companies and businesses that promote a positive social impact in the community by consuming their products. However, if a company cultivates negative social changes, consumers ought not to purchase their commodities. Information about business and company social practices and how they treat their product consumers is available on the internet.
Furthermore, one can advance positive social changes in influencing the lives of others in a number of ways. The biggest question is how? In business, for example, realizing social change is not only a matter of the products and services that one offers but also the functionality of the business (Dutton and Ragins, 2017). For instance, a number of employers offer grants to the employees which the employees volunteer when they are on holidays. Other employers encourage their employees to make donations of part of their pay to charitable organizations at their own pleasure. Such a trend encourages other people to follow suit. In so doing, a positive social change is collectively realized.
In addition, one can influence others people’s lives in a positive manner by organizing self life. If a person’s life is well organized, other people will make admirations to that person and most likely they may copy him or her. For instance, if one wants to help others effectively, then they need to ensure that their own life is not a mess. It will not be possible to impact a positive social change to individuals if a person is distracted by their own challenges. If one wants to make other people happy, then one they need to find their own happiness first.
To impact a positive social change to other people, one needs to identify the skills and talents those people have and encourage them along that line. Different personalities bear different talents and when one identifies a unique feature in a personality, they ought to help such individuals realize their talents and in so doing, one will achieve positive social impact.
Furthermore, mentoring colleagues is another sphere of life where a positive social change can be achieved. In order to achieve the same, one needs to take sincere interests of the person(s) being mentored. In order to bring out the change, one will need to know the mentee(s) on a personal level so as to avoid irrelevant advice.
Moreover, to bring out the difference when mentoring a colleague, one needs to set the expectations at the beginning. Expectation setting is primary when two persons do not know each other well (Camilleri, 2014). For instance, expectations of acquiring a job may be set in advance so that the discussions that will take place will be relevant for the duo.
Furthermore, if an individual is handling different persons who he or she is mentoring, then the individual needs to apply different approaches in those mentorship programs. The reason behind that is because different people will need different sort of advice as the problems they present are also different. The me...
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