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Holocaust (Essay Sample)

The instructions asked to write a 3-5 page paper on the subject of the Holocaust. source..
Journal 5: Essay 2 Research Portfolio Name Professor Institution Date (The Holocaust) Hollywood vs. History The event of Holocaust is considered as the most destructive and brutal act of human history in the world. It was the slaughter of more than six million people who were Jews. The victims were more than six million, but the killed ones are approximately six million. It happened during the World War II and Adolf Hitler a German man joined with his collaborators and initiated the open slaughter of the Jews people. It is hard to give an insight about the worst act of human history done by human himself. The main purpose behind that incident is that the German Nazi’s group wanted to rule the country and wanted to remove the Jews people from the land. Many times, the event targeted by the movie producers, and they made great movies regarding the event of Holocaust. But mostly the movies interpret the wrong or fictional realities in the movies. In the modern technological and global world today, the Hollywood movies and literature based on the history of Holocaust are the two principal ways to gain the proper knowledge about the historic event of Holocaust, but Both sources are not having many similarities and have unique and distinct features of the events, which could confuse the generation that which points could be true or which could be wrong and based only on fiction (Starratt, Fredotovic, Goodletty, & Starratt, 2017). The German movies are a great source to gain the knowledge about the history of Holocaust, but these concepts are contrary to the history of Holocaust. The German movies contributed to the history of the Holocaust that it presents the history in a specific way to demonstrate the nature and story of the event precisely. But many movies which are released after the year of 1990, depicts that East German and West German movies are quite different to each other especially related to the concepts, approaches, and meaningful patterns of the Holocaust event. The East German movies include the factor of guilt like German people about the brutal act of Holocaust. It means that the German people have the guilt in their nature and heart about the incident of the Holocaust. They have some regret that they had done wrong to the people in the past. But the West German movies show the exact opposite of this case and fact. They show in their movies that no guilt exists in their natures or in their hearts which portrays that they do not have any guilt about their actions in the past. They are not guilty of the murder of more than six billion people and their brutal killing. It also represents the fact that they are not guilty due to their current unpleasant relationship with the Jews people. The German movies show the old trauma and incidents of the Holocaust but with the divergence in the concepts (Lindquist, 2013). The critical knowledge related to the accurate history of the event of holocaust could be found in the old history books written by great historians and such movies which are depicting the real concepts and the critical points regarding the event. Holocaust is the longest brutal and worst act of humankind in the history based on the murder of more than six million Jews people with the purpose to kill their nation (Spargo & Ehrenreich, 2010). The Nazi German people under the guidance of Adolf Hitler had done this huge massacre. The related contributors were Nazi’s German who had the aim to finish the Jews people from the earth especially from their country. The Holocaust was considered as the result of hatred for the Jews and aim to end their nation with slaughter like animals. Here is another important point to mention that the Nazi regime not only targeted the Jews but they also murdered the slave people and black people due to their inferiority nature and their views about the racial discrimination (Berghahn, 2006). It shows that the Nazi regime was one of the worst systems in the history who only thought about their purposes and targets by neglecting the fact that they are killing the human beings which are innocent and have the right to live on the earth. The most history books which are written after the event of the Holocaust are the most important assets on the history of the event. These books are written by great historians who have mostly had the evidence of the real event. So, the old books of history written after the event closer to the event are the most important asset to gain knowledge about the event (Starratt, Fredotovic, Goodletty, & Starratt, 2017). The holocaust event is important because it had the most embarrassing, brutal, and disastrous nature. Till date, no such massacre ever happened before and after of the event. More than six million people died, and no one was there to rescue them. The event is the biggest question mark on the nature of human beings which were present at that time but not able to stop the huge brutal act of human slaughter. The event is important for the students of the modern world today because it could give an insight into the nature of the student about the worseness of the act (Berghahn, 2006). The teachers of modern world should teach the students about the event of the Holocaust with the purpose to raise awareness for the students and improve their thinking ways to the fact that this should never happen again in the future. The students of the modern world today should have the clear insight about the event of the Holocaust. They should know about the real past scenarios of the history of holocaust so that they could able to analyse the right and wrong acts in the past. The teachers of history should teach the student about the holocaust event with the proper arguments and proper historical information about the event (Spargo & Ehrenreich, 2010). Teachers should demonstrate that the event was worst in the human history and never should happen again. They shou...
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