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How to end racism (Essay Sample)


to discuss how to end racism


How to End Racism
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How to End Racism
Racism is an individualistic and systemic prejudice that exists to form bias in society. According to Fredrickson and Camarillo (2015), racism encapsulates the components of power and difference in society, creating feelings of subjugation, exclusion, and rejection. Salter et al. (2018) agree that racism thrives through ideological discourses entwined in the psychological and cultural framework that builds up inequality. Racism creates animosity in communities and has a detrimental outcome. Due to the immense adverse impacts of racism, many countries and institutions have invested heavily in campaigns to eradicate flawed generalisations. Since racism is a psycho-cultural problem, it can be ended by the systemic removal of symbols of race, debunking of historical misconceptions and fostering equality.
Removing prejudicial symbolism and institutions is crucial in ending race. As postulate by Salter et al. (2018), racism is embedded in society’s structure due to specific artefacts and institutions that promote bias. These symbols work towards creating specific imagery in certain people and builds a negative perception towards the other. Thus, to end racism, these prejudicial aspects should be removed both physically and from all historical references. For instance, according to Rice (2019), the campaign to remove Cecil Rhodes’ statue in South African universities acts as a move to eradicate colonialism imagery. Eradicating symbols and institutions that promote prejudicial treatment breaks down the structure of cultural racism.
Additionally, debunking historical misconceptions is a practical approach to end racism. Arguably, malicious entities that promote misinformation and bias fuel racism. The misinformation spreads through media, history books and the internet. The misguided information intends to brainwash and create animosity between various groups. Such approaches are in tandem with groups like the confederacy daughters that continue to publish propagandist material that supports white supremacy and slavery (McLaughlin-Stonham,2020). The misconceptions create groups that believe they are superior to the other due to their skin colour. Banning the spread of these materials will work towards re-educating people and providing access to unbiased historical information. Therefore, to end racism, positive and truthful information should be readily available to debunk the fallacies that malicious individuals have promoted for decades.
Furthermore, the promotion of equality is an essential element in ending racism. According to Fredrickson and Camarillo (2015), inequalities in power create differences and subjugation in society. Thus, by creating equal opportunities and treatment, communities will feel satisfied and work towards a common goal. Equality as a tool to end racism is evident in the recent “Black Lives Matter” movements that have joined people from all races to push for justice (Jee-Lyn García and Sharif, 2015). Additionally, for many years, activists have pushed policies that ensure equal treatment for people despite their origin. Therefore, racism ends when all institutions act in bipartisan positions to ensure all policies are focused on equal rights.
In conclusion, racism i

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