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Human Services Program for Minority Women who Experienced Abuse (Essay Sample)


THE TASK WAS about implementing my human services program that will cater to minority women who have experienced abuse. I have included competency assignments, which DETAIL on some things THE program WILL HAVE including the program name. THE SAMPLE FOCUSED ON THE MISSION, VISSION AND AN OVERVIEW OF THE PROGRAM, THE MOST SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGES THE ORGANIZATION MIGHT FACE IN THE NEXT FIVE YEARS, AND ALSO A FINANCIAL ANALYSIS.


Human Service Program
Human Services Program
The mission of the program is to cater for minority women who have experienced abuse. The vision for the program is to be the best program within the human resource profession that addresses the needs and concerns of women who have undergone different forms of abuse within the working space. The main departments within the organization will comprise the Finance Department, Marketing Department, Human Resource Department, Supply Chain and Logistics Department, Information and Technology Department. The total number of staff occupying various positions within the organization is 33. This comprises of the senior position made of 3 directors, middle-level position made of 10 supervisors with the junior level position comprising 20 counselors.
The most significant challenge that the organization may face in the next five years is redundancy in some of the positions which will result in job loss. The company has not posted significant growth in terms of financial performance and therefore some positions may be declared irrelevant as the application of the technology would ensure such tasks as performed more efficiently. This will result in job loss which will affect many families depending on such individuals for their survival. This will also imply that the organization will also be faced with a shortage of capital to invest in the new machines that will be replacing human labor (Michael, 2019). Additionally, most of the current positions within the company are currently occupied by men and therefore, cases of increased abuse and sexual harassment by their male counterparts might increase due to lack of gender parity. The challenge of purchasing new technologies would therefore impact negatively on the organization’s finances. The strategic plan of the organization would be developed and implemented by the organization to about 30% of the entire plan. The particular management philosophy that would result in a positive change within the organization is the identification, evaluation, and proper control of the workplace hazards to ensure the safety of all stakeholders is upheld.
An analysis of human resource management for the program will entail information about employee commitment and satisfaction, ways of strengthening commitment, and the performance of the employees, detailed analysis of specific employee segments, the general attitude and situations of employees at their areas of work within the organization (Boon, 2019).
The financial analysis of the program will be based on the financial ratios and forecasting of the current trends within the industry. For instance, liquidity ratios will enable the organization to know its position in terms of the amount they owe other parties against their co

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