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The Scar of Kamuruana Hills (Essay Sample)


Imagine and get in the head of one of your ancestors, and tell their story in a 2-page
double-spaced paper. You might imagine the story of one of your ancestor’s
adventures or what it was like for them to live through a particular time, or make a
particular decision. Remember that although the story should be rooted in reality
(i.e., even if it didn’t, it could have happened), the story is fictional, and you can take
artistic liberty.
You may use any of the following to inspire your story:
● A scar
● A ghost
● An era
● A photograph
● A fear of _______
● A personality trait or temperament


The Scar of Kamuruana Hills
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The Scar of Kamuruana Hills
As Kamau sat on his creaking, wooden, ricochet armchair watching the golden rays of the evening sink into Kamuruana Hills, he could not stop himself from thanking the Deity (Mwenenyaga) for saving his life. The glossy, permanent, crooked pink scar on his arm reminded him of that fateful night when his village kinsmen chased him into the woods for falling in love with a converted Christian girl from two ridges across – Muthoni. His father, Kabedi, had vehemently warned him against contravening the longstanding Kikuyu custom. “Never interact with the white men or anyone who was a fanatic of their destructive religion,” he recalled his dad’s hoarse voice barking.
Kamau had done the exact opposite. He fell in love with Muthoni, the daughter of Kathurima. Kathurima was a loathed, despised, and outcast former village elder who had converted to the white man’s religion. He preached from ridge to ridge of eternal damnation and eternal happiness. No one understood why he had opted to abandon their ancestor’s religion. That the white men were slowly encroaching on their land and enslaving them to work in the coffee and tea highlands surrounding the local hills aggravated the situation. And Kamau had gone right ahead and fallen for this man’s daughter!

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