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Short Story: My Ancestor from World War ll Era (Essay Sample)


This is a short story from ancestor from the historical era of world war two on how was my family tree created. it is a story of my grand-grandfather who fought in the historical world war two against the united states and japan, that middled our country which is the philippines. and there when my great-grandfather mets my great-grandmother and they were been married and created a loving and happy family when was i came from.


Short Story: My Ancestor from World War ll Era
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Short Story: My Ancestor from World War ll Era
I will tell you the first thing about my ancestors. Beyond my great-grandparents. This story's main character is my great-grandfather, this story was once told to us by my grandfather. Firstly, my grandfather told us that his father was a military soldier from the United States who was assigned to the Philippines, and it was in the late year of 1940, the era of World War Il, when Japan invades the Philippines in December 8, 1941. It was the Era when Japan colonized the Philippines for over three years. In this Era, the Philippines were to suffer grievously under the depredations of the military occupations. Until time when General MacArthur fulfilled his promise to return to the Philippines on October 20, 1944. They were landed in the lands of Leyte accompanied by a force of 700 vessels and a total of 174,000 soldiers with includes my great-grandfather on those soldiers accompany General MacArthur. Throughout the year 1944, the islands of Leyte and Mindoro are free from the Japanese soldiers and we're cleared out. During this Era, my great-grandfather fought Japanese soldiers until the day of Japan’s formal surrender on September 2, 1945. When the war against the Japanese soldiers is completely over, that was the time when my great-grandfather meets my great-grandmother in one of the occasions of the civilians for having their freedom for the colonization of Japan in the country and have their peaceful life in their own homes. And for showing their appreciation to the United States troopers for fighting alongside them. And one of the troopers is my great-grandfather. And my great-grandfather decided to stay and lived here in the Philippines because the reason was when the time he and my great-grandmother meets. He is fell in love with her immediately. So he decides to stay and plans on pursuing her and marry her. Fortunately and luckily do my great-grandfather is that she is also in love with him at the time immediately.

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