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My Internship Program Report: Madina Medical Center (Essay Sample)


The task was about writing a report on an internship program which the student had undertaken prior to his graduation. in writing this report, the student was expected to provide detailed information on the organization he was working at, his roles in the organization, and how undertaking these roles shaped his career path.


My Internship Program Report
Student Name:
Institutional Affiliation:
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Without a doubt, the overarching goal of any country's higher education system is to adequately prepare students for career success. Because the ability of a student to face a certain level of academic rigor while gaining essential real-life skills is thought to play a vital role in a person's career preparedness, many higher learning institutions are emphasizing the value of experiential learning through internship programs. Many colleges and universities now prioritize experiential learning through internships, job shadowing opportunities, and even some full- or part-time jobs to encourage students to develop important life skills relevant to their careers. Students can apply their classroom learning in professional settings, gain exposure to their chosen field, establish critical networking connections, and gain coveted work experiences through these internship programs. As a result, this paper provides a detailed report of my internship program by providing critical information about my chosen organization and my reasons for choosing this organization, the roles and responsibilities I undertook in the organization, and the relationship between these roles and my field of study as well as my future career path. It also summarizes the issues that I noticed worked well for the organization, those that did not, and the recommendations I have made that should be implemented to improve the organization's performance.
My reasons for pursuing this internship
On my internship program, I was hired as a Social Media Marketing Intern at Madina Medical Center in Madina for five weeks. The main reason I enrolled in this program is that it is required by our university, AUS. Every student in the institution must participate in an internship program as part of the overall university education program before successfully completing their studies. I was also inspired by four inherent reasons for participating in this internship program. First and foremost, it would be critical to provide me with much-needed real-world experience. It has been demonstrated in today's job market that passing exams with a higher GPA score does not necessarily translate into a competent and productive employee lacking the necessary work experience. As a result, participating in an internship program is the only way for an individual to gain real-life experience, expand his

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