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Creative Writing Mars or the Moon: What to Colonize First? (Essay Sample)


“Mars or the Moon: What to Colonize First?”


“Mars or the Moon: What to Colonize First?”
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“Mars or the Moon: What to Colonize First?”
In my opinion, Mars is the most probable place to colonize because of the various advantages it has over the moon. My reason for choosing Mars stems from the notion that a day at Mars only lasts 24 more hours, which is slightly above the Earth. Studies suggest that a day at the moon lasts 28 days, thus, making it challenging for a human being to adjust to the variation (Ridley, 2017). Mars is the most plausible place to inhabit because of gravity, temperature, water, and atmospheric pressure, which play a vital role in the existence of human beings.
Gravity enhances balancing of items on the surface of the earth. For that reason, Mars has a predominant gravitational pull than the moon. Researchers suggest that if the weight of a human being were 91 kilograms on the earth’s surface, the same individual would weigh 34 kilograms on Mars and 15 kilograms on the moon (“En Route to Mars, The Moon | Science Mission Directorate,” 2005). In Mars, the additional gravitational pull makes items remain on the ground. Gravity enhances movement of the bones, thus, allowing cosmonauts to conduct their exploration without difficulty. Because of this aspect, Mars is the first and most plausible place to colonize.
Because Mars only rotates 24 more hours than the Earth, the temperature levels during the day and night are less intense. Equally, on the moon, the temperature-altitude during daytime is high, while the night is cold (Ridley, 2017). For that reason, most astronauts are likely to choose Mars over the moon. Additionally, Mars is the best place to colonize because the atmospheric pressure makes exploration and movement easier, thus, promoting the existence of human beings (“En Route to Mars, The Moon | Science Mission Directorate,” 2005). Unlike the moon, Mars has a pleasing troposphere, which allows the current of air to blow from east to west, thus, leveling the high temperature. Therefore, Mars is the best place to inhabit because of the moist atmosphere and temperature, which supports the existence of humans.
Predominantly, water supports the survival of plants and human beings. According to research, water is likely to be present on Mars. Even though this assertion is not yet certain, studies suggest that there is a profound probability that water may be existent in Mars. In contrast, researchers aver that the moon has water on both its interior and exterior, but human beings have to reside contiguously to the poles so that they can access it (Ridley, 2017). Since Mars has water in most parts of its...
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