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Creative Writing About Problematic Aspects of Emigration (Essay Sample)


Problematic Aspects of Emigration

Problematic Aspects of Emigration
The modern advances in technology and the need to do business globally are some of the factors that have reduced the world to a global village. Regularly, people move from one country to another in pursuit of their dreams. These movements of people are attributed to several reasons including need to do business, for recreation purposes, education or in search for better livelihood. An emigrant is a person who for given reasons, leaves his or her mother country and goes ahead to settle in another country on a permanent basis. Such a person denounces the citizenship of the mother country and adopts a new identity. This act of changing citizenship permanently is experienced worldwide and is commonly known as emigration. To an individual, the emigration process may bring a solution to issues that necessitated the move. However, the process presents some share of challenges, both to the host country and to an emigrant. This paper delves deep in the analysis of features of emigration that are a problem to an individual emigrant, and aspects of this migration that are a possible problem to the host country.
Contrary to the expectations of the emigrants, instances of discrimination which to some extent are very severe are encountered. Most countries in the modern world may have well established institutions and guidelines that protect people from any form of discrimination. However, the practice is prevalent in vast societies in the world (Simon, p. 193). An emigrant is likely to fall a victim while in the new country and be exposed to several forms of discrimination. Denial of access to vital amenities, job opportunities, and some basic human rights are some areas where a new person in a country may face discrimination. In attempts to access such services and amenities, an emigrant encounters massive opposition and real difficulties in the host country (Simon, 194). The law may fail to benefit the emigrants fully, who in the long run end up frustrated.
An emigrant gets exposed to a new society whose culture is totally different compared to what was experienced in the mother country leading to a great shock. Culture defines the identity of an individual. This determines an individual’s social life, food, language, and the way of interaction among others. Emigration is problematic to an emigrant who is exposed to a new lifestyle including speaking a new language, new dress codes, societal manners, and other aspects of the new cultures which leave the emigrant culturally shocked. This is more frustrating to children who attend different schools and to those who have no friends in the host country. Such aspects of emigration leave one flabbergasted. Consequently, the emigrant will neither fit in the job market appropriately nor will he contribute fully in the society (Swain, 236).
The host country experiences some stresses due to emigration. A society constituting of several nationalities faces a serious security threat due to the negative intentions yielded by some emigrants (Human Migration). The host governments face a major problematic aspect, in regards to security, when it allows people from other nationalities to settle within their midst. Periodically, instances of terrorism, siege, and a series of bombings propagated by settlers who unleash terror to the host nation have been rampart (Lynn-Jones, & Miller, 221). The security problem posed by emigration has necessitated governments to regulate and monitor movements through their borders with an aim of controlling insecurity.
Countries that host emigrants face a great strain financially in attempts to support the newcomers. Considering the fact that most emigrants shift in search of solace due to political instability, insecurity, economic hardships, and relief from other threats in their home countries, the host government is forced to meet their needs. This happens since the emigrants lack means of survival in the new environment thus rely on the host for assistance (Migration and the Economic Crisis). Considering the economic hardships facing many countries globally, a host nation will be strained to the limits in attempts to meet the needs ...
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