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Teaching Career and My Teaching Philosophy (Essay Sample)


write a teaching philosophy


Teaching career will allow me as an individual to fulfil what I have always believed to be a fundamental responsibility as a person. This will basically involve the idea of communicating information to the public who in this case will be the students so that they can make informed choices regarding their careers as well as physical exercises are concerned. I also want students to appreciate the whole field of physical science and recreation as well as understand why it is a lucrative career path to follow. To attain these goals therefore I have several objectives as a teacher which I plan to use as my guidelines in the development of my new career path.
Objective 1: Students should understand the relevance of their studies in physical science and leisure activities. I strongly believe in passion as it is the most important drive of my life. Thus I wish to pass the same to my students. I need to explain and make them understand why their career paths are not altogether mistakes and why studying this particular discipline will be of great importance to them. I will thus start of my lessons with a vivid description of why it is not only important but also very relevant to the students and the society in general. Today many people continue to suffer terminal illnesses and some of such diseases can easily be avoided if people are aware of various aspects of physical science; I will use such contemporary issues to make my students embrace all the knowledge I impact on them on daily basis.
Objective 2: Students should be fully informed. Thus they should be fully aware of where to find information on timely and organized manner. I plan to be the type of a teacher who empowers and prepares the students for the ever challenging work world. Thus I don’t intend to spoon feed my students with class notes instead I will always task them to get the information on their own evaluate that information, draw conclusions and eventually make an informed decision based on their own and independent understanding of the issues. Thus I aim to encourage excellent library skills among all my students and give them opportunity to learn on their own. I strongly believe in student based learning as it is more fun, logical and it gives the learners more reasons to enjoy what they do and give it their very best.
Objective 3: Students should understand the interrelationships that exist between physical science and leisure with other disciplines such as health, finance as well as other disciplines. This is very important as it will create some form of synergy both during studies and after school. Been open minded in very important as opens the minds of students to view with world in a wider perspective as well as empowering them to learn their relevance in the corporate world.
Objective 4: Students should be actively engaged in the learning process. One of the most relevant ways of teaching is engaging students. As far as I can recall the courses I enjoyed the most were the courses that the tutors encouraged us to play active roles as students. I thus purpose to ensure that each and every student is an active participant in all the courses that I will teach. This will increase the relevance of the courses to the students and as a result they will remember more and even in the long run all that they learn both in class and out in the practical sessions.
My commitment to this fie...
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