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Prima Lux: The History of the Pioneering Batch of the AUP College of Medicine (Essay Sample)


As the president of the class, i was tasked to write the class history that is to be published in a newsletter.


Prima Lux: The History of the Pioneering Batch of the AUP College of Medicine
“A Vision Fulfilled” said the words written on our banner as we entered the AUP College of Medicine building for our White Coat Ceremony on August 9, 2015. It has been 6 decades since our forerunners envisioned a medical school in AUP but only today will that dream be realized. I went inside the hall with mixed feelings. Here we are, fresh graduates of our premedical courses, still doubting if medicine is for us, carrying our very first white coats. For everybody’s information, in the Philippines, a medical student receives his white coat when he enters his 4th or 5th year. But in the AUP College of Medicine, you get it before the first day of your Medical School life. In this ceremony, the honor and solemnity of the White Coat is emphasized coupled with the idea that within those white coats, a doctor must carry a stethoscope and a Bible. The white coat is also the symbol of the purity of the Master Physician Himself, which every Physician must carry all his life.
The first days went smoothly, but looking back, the most important lessons we’ve learned in the AUP College of Medicine is the idea that doctors must not confine themselves in the idea of become 5 Star Physicians. But rather, doctors must become 5 Star PLUS Physicians: A Clinician, A Manager, A Researcher, An Educator, A Social Mobilizer, but most importantly, a Physician Missionary. It was during the 1st days of medical that we taught about the concept of Whole Person Care. After all, AUP COM’s motto is “Through Christ, Healing and Wholeness”. With this in mind, it was during our first year that we founded several student organizations. First we formed the AUP Medicine Student Council, for we believe that every doctor is also a leader. The Medical Missionaries for Social Responsibilities were also formed to fulfil our objectives in advocacy and social 

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