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The Doctor is in Indonesia (Essay Sample)


I was once invited by a blog to write about my travels to bali, indonesia. I was to give content to be published under my name in that blog. This is one of the articles That I sent and was published.


Since we were young, my sister and I were able to study both the piano and violin in the Greenhills Music Studio under the Suzuki Method. Our efforts have also led us to represent the Philippines in different Conferences in Taiwan, Australia and even play in recitals or events in the US, Singapore and even our native Philippines.
Because we were both studying in the University of the Philippines, we rarely have a chance to fully engage our music but rather music has been a stress reliever during toxic weeks. We also teach during weekends in order for us to give back the beautiful things we have learned to others.
Fortunately for us, this year, we were able to once again represent our country during the 6th Asia Suzuki Method Conference in Bali, Indonesia.
Island of the Gods, Land of a Thousand Temples
It has been in my bucket list for years. I’ve never been so excited to attend a conference. Not because we were going there as violin teachers with our very own students (we used to represent the country as students) but because it is going to be in Bali: the Boracay of Indonesia, the paradise down south, the Island of the Gods and the Land of a thousand temples. Something about Bali is magical, something bordering between spiritual calmness and imaginative fantasy. Whatever it is, I am very excited to finally plant my feet on this small but wonderful island. I am ready to walk the beaches, meditate and temples, and maybe get a massage by the sea.

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