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Email Based on Listening Skills Scenario (Essay Sample)


a brief email on the vacation policy changes to be distributed to staff


Email Based On Listening Skills Scenario
Evolution of Mass Media
Student’s Name:
Name of Institution:
Email Based on Listening Skills Scenario
Subject: Vacation Policy Changes
The institution has enacted some policy changes that are meant to affect the vacation process of all the staff members in this firm. The new policies are intended to reduce some of the cases of absenteeism and ineffectiveness formerly experienced last year. From the previous years, the institution had held that each staff was entitled to a minimum of thirty vacation days. However, due to the increased operations of the firm, the administration has decided to adopt several vacation changes.
All staff members will get a new vacation program where each person will be aware of the vacation month to start the break.
All leaves or vacations must be authorized by the firm’s administration a month earlier to enable the processing of leave funds be done more earlier.
The reporting date after the vacation must strictly be adhered to unless under certain conditions where the administration must be informed earlier. Failure to do this will attract a deduction from the next vacation period or even a suspension (National Labor Relations Board, 2012).
Each staff will get an increment of 25% on the previous vacation funds commencing this month.
The administration deserves the right to decline leaves when work is at maximum. But this may only happen when the existing staff workers cannot attend to all departments.
The management deserves the right to recall those staff on vacation in case of urgent issues.
All staff members are required to observe these brief vacation policy changes which commence this month. Thank you for your cooperation.
National Labor Relations Board. (2012). Decisions and Orders of the National Labor Relations Board. National Labor Relations Board.

The Major Developments in Mass Media over the Last Century
In today’s world, the Americans have experienced drastic changes in their day-to-day activities, and their overall change in their cultural practices, and beliefs. Media patterns and as well as other associated tools have developed and changed immensely, and several changes have been witnessed in most of the American sectors. The current paper analyses and explains the major development changes in the evolution of the mass media over the last century, their influence to the American culture, and the definition of media convergence as well as its influence on our daily lives. The evolution of the mass media has entailed several changes that influenced the Smerican culture as information becomes more significant and relevant in the age of globalization.
Media has changed considerably since its commencement over the last century. For instance, tThe oldest form of the informative platform was the print media, which. The print had dominated the media platform where information could be passed from one individual to another or from a particular organisation to another inthrough written scripts, magazines, newspapers, books, and other print sources. However, with the development of technology, other media types such as the television and radios took centre stage, thus becoming the new adopted informative media sources. In addition, theseThe new sources of mass media were much emulatedprefered since in that they could relay information more clearly in a manner thatthan the previous ones print could not do. Besides, theyAll these new sources changed the global undertake perception and view of activitiesthings, such as, for example how the world thinks about, marketing, advertising, promotion of sexuality, forms of idol worship, and other global issues.
Indeed, there has been a consistent advancement in technology replacing the widespread adoption of the print, radio, and the television. The era of the electronic devices began whenre the media took other new dimensions where information could quickly cover cross the global boundaries within a concise short durationtime. Information Moreover, informationat this time could be accessed and retrieved faster, something that and this greatly helped the economic sectors where as marketing changed from television adverts into online presence ads.regarding ads in online platforms. The growth and adoption of the internet have contributed significantly to the multiplication of media sites where information is widely shared and circulated (Noll,2007). For A good example, there has been theis the invention of online marketing via Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and other websites. All these activities are inclined to the developments of mass media. The rampant use of the internet has given individuals the freedom and power to transfer media to other personsshare data. In this case, people have taken the role toIndividuals can create new media through their websites, Facebook pages, and other social platforms. Currently, newnovel media sources, such as social networking sites, are on the verge of creating acceptance and usage., such as social networking sites. Such are considered to beas emerging media and have not fully been integrated with the ancient mass media sources.
How have these developments influenced American Culture?
   In reality, the development and evolution of new media have an impact on the American culture in various dimensions. In the initial earlier times when the printed sources wereas the most adopted source of information, each most Americans only believed that it contained the most valid and correct information, thus was. It was then the primary source of information. However, with the evolution of various sources, individuals have different ways of accesing data and learning the global happenings.begun to access data from different sources. In this case, persons individuals canhave been made to acquire more diverse points of view regarding given informationareas. Hence, iIt is evident that the mass media or simply media can influence people’s opinions and ideas in serious various ways, which may either be good or bad. For instance, an influence on the media by the authority could be met with different opinions from the individuals attached to the media.Individuals now have a platform for sharing information about various countries and regions, something that enhances the goals of globalization.
The media has greatly played a key role in influencing the lives and other activities of the American citizens. Media For instance, itdevelopment has created awareness to the Americans people on the prevailing situations and experiences in their country. The knowledge is crucial in informing the citizens onabout the country’s social, economic, and political progress, although it may be misleading or be biased; thus, attempting to influence or change the opinions of individuals. However, individuals most people try to gain more awareness and more insight into any information that seems biased and to find the truth to and create a better, and truthful, and educated opinion. It is a common cultural practice among the Americans to form an educated opinion to avoid biases on any i

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