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Increasing Trends of Indifference Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


"Have people become indifferent to the feelings of others?"


Increasing Trends of Indifference
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Increasing Trends of Indifference
Indifference defines a state in which one lacks the human elements of concern, interest, sympathy, and empathy. Most people in this state present characteristics of not caring about others at all. They go about their businesses and attempt to fulfill their goals disregarding anything around them. To this extent, they lose the fundamental elements of human relationships like love, understanding, affection, and patience among others. Considerably, modern lifestyles have increasing trends of indifference from individuals of all age groups. Mostly, these get inspired by increasing economic challenges, negative social relations, and drug and substance abuse.
Comparatively, the people of today’s generation are more apathetic than previous generations. People do not commonly greet strangers on the streets. Neither are they willing to help others wholeheartedly. The first possible cause of this trend is the economic challenges faced by individuals in the modern world. As explained by Céspedes (2017), financially average individuals, who happen to constitute the most substantial part of the population, spend most of their time trying to find resources to make ends meet. Some of them take more than three jobs and may only rest for four to five hours a day. After a routine engagement in such trends for years, individuals lose touch with the realities of life and the expectations of relationships. They become uninterested in socializing and remain focused on the routine completion of their tasks to meet the expected economic goals.

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