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Cosmetic Surgery - Playing with the Nature? Creative Writing Essay (Essay Sample)


the task was generally about cosmetic surgeries and their relation to nature. The sample, therefore, provided both sides of the argument and took a final stance on the issue. It sought to determine whether cosmetic surgeries is a dangerous act of playing with nature.


Cosmetic Surgery - Playing with the Nature?
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Cosmetic Surgery - Playing with the Nature?
Cosmetic surgery has become a common medical procedure in the contemporary world where everyone is constantly worried about their physical appearances. It is a surgical procedure done for the sole purpose of improving appearance (Wood, 2013). Although cosmetic surgery has been widely praised for its positive effects such as improving physical appearances and boosting confidence among patients, it has also raised several controversies as it entails altering the natural appearance or physical qualities of an individual, thus “playing with the nature.” Supporters of cosmetic surgery, however, insist that the procedure does not necessarily mean playing with the nature, as it is just as simple as altering one’s appearance with the intention of looking better (Wood, 2013). It is the same as wearing makeup, changing clothes, and going to the gym to improve one’s fitness, physical appearance, and confidence. Additionally, even if the procedure is playing with nature, most supporters do not mind the associated consequences, if there is any. For them, it does not matter as the benefits of the procedure far outweigh the associated demerits. Conversely, opponents of cosmetic surgeries term the procedure as playing with nature, as it goes against the natural laws of the universe. It entails the addition or deletions of certain sections of the natural body. In other words, an individual can literary choose his desire

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