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Relationship between peer pressure and students’ self-development (Essay Sample)


creative writing on peer pressure


Relationship between peer pressure and students’ self-development
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Peer pressure is viewed differently by different people with some individuals seeing it positively while some see it negatively. Those that are of positive opinion feel that peer pressure benefits students in their upbringing by shaping their personality and even leading them in making the right choices in life (Kiran-Esen,012). In addition to that peer pressure can even make students gain self-esteem and make them face a new challenging environment in the world. It also boosts learning and students can improve their performance by struggling to be like others. The spirit of feeling that when others are performing well in a group motivates others to pull up their socks by addressing those challenges that hinder their performance to match others and this results in better performance (Kiran-Esen,2012).
Peer pressure is part of student's life in their stage of growth, even though the majority of people view "peer pressure" in a negative way that it makes students acquire bad habits and become unruly and irresponsible. To some extent, negative peer pressure can lead to this fact by some children adjusting to uncouth behavior unknowingly to adjust to the group norms (Treynor, 2009). In terms of peer pressure's effect on student's self-development, I would categorically state that it hinders an individual from realizing his/her self-esteem for lacking the courage to reason things out as an individual. Some pears have a good influence on others as compared to the parents of the students.

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