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Admissions essay Creative Writing Essay Research Paper (Essay Sample)


This is the admission essay for graduate schools. I will attach the essay which I used to apply last year. Please re-write the essay to new and strong one. You can refer previous essay but please dont copy and paste. I wrote my previous essay when I was in undergrad. I graduated this May and working in middle school to teach Mathematics and English. I want you to put my current status too and connecting to apply for the courses. The subject ares which I apply for graduate schools are: -Civil Engineering with Environmental Systems, Geographic Information Science, Infrastructure Planning -Engineering for International Development -Environmental Systems Engineering -Build Environment: Environmental Design and Engineering Thank you for your kind understanding. Please let me know if you have questions


Applicants Name:
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Graduate Admissions,
University College London
Gower Street, London,
Dear Sir/Madam,
Over the past two and a half years, China and the United States of America have participated in an endless trade war. The political and economic effects of this strained relationship between the two nations serve as the driving force of my desire to become one of the professionals steering the low-income countries to financial stability and sustainability. Even though poverty emanates from socio-economic, political, and environmental factors, its alleviation requires the implementation of sustainable development goals in developing countries. My inclination towards fighting politico-economic disparity and reducing poverty is a lifelong goal. I envisioned its achievement through the pursuit of a course that would improve the social living standards of impoverished regions. While the wealthy nations relish the preeminence of their monetary policies, the low-and-middle-income countries struggle with resource limitations, which stem from the lack of technical expertise and stakeholder investment to enhance the efficient exploitation of available resources. Therefore, pursuing a Master of Science in Engineering (Environmental Systems Engineering) at University College London would equip me with the essential skills and knowledge needed to transform the commercial space for the developing countries despite the existence of social forces that fight to maintain the status quo of uneven distribution of resources.

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